MCQP returns to Castle of Good Hope for 2017

The theme for the 2017 edition of Cape Town’s MCQP has been announced, so get your swords, spells and armour ready!

Taking place on Saturday, 16 December, Africa’s biggest and longest running costume party will be held under the theme of “Dungeons & Dragons”.

The 24th outing promises dark forces, mystical creatures, characters from Game of Thrones and from the time of Merlin; a gathering of knights, kings and queens, royalty and warriors, bloodthirsty animals, monsters and other dark and demented creatures.

The setting for the event, which attracts thousands of costumed revellers, is the Castle of Good Hope, which marks its own 351st anniversary this year. (MCQP was last held there seventeen years ago.)

The MCQP 2017 theme and venue were announced on Friday to a jam-packed crowd at the very first MCQP Christmas in July party at the German Club in Gardens.

Another first was that the announcement was made prior to October, when it usually takes place, in order for those attending to enjoy ample time to plan their outfits, travel arrangements and more.

“We’re going bigger, better and bolder than ever before,” Says Ian McMahon, Director of MCQP. “Hundreds of wannabe Jon Snows, Tyrion Lannisters, Daenerys Targaryens, Khaleesi’s, the Amazon woman- Brienne of Tarth, Merlin or other creatures of the night will descent on ‘Cape Landing’ this summer to follow the dark knights of doom at the event.”

DJ and event organiser Candice Heyns joined the team of organisers this year as MCQP’s Executive Project Manager after extensively touring Europe as a DJ and assisting in arranging major events.

“We’ll conjure up the great songs of Fire and Ice and the best DJs from far beyond the western reaches of the great wall,” said Heyns. “Do your research on all things dark in order to decide on your outfit – of knights and warriors, of creatures of the dark ages or from spells out of Merlin’s own book.”

MCQP’s Dungeons & Dragons will start at 7pm on Saturday, 16 December. Early bird tickets, starting at R260 for general access, R650 for Throne VIP tickets and more options are available online at, as well as on other online sites and at high street outlets.

Privé Kings Chamber suites are also available on request allowing 20 to 30 of your round table knights and friends special privileges at the event.

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