Wits University to celebrate its 10th annual Wits Pride

Wits Pride 2013

The University of the Witwatersrand will be hosting its 10th annual LGBTQ Wits Pride, running from the 20th to the 24th of this month.

With Not On My Watch being this year’s theme, Daniel Lee, who is the vice president of LGBTQ student group Activate, said the Pride will be addressing a variety of issues faced by queer students.

“The pride has been quite unstable throughout the years and we want to avoid that from happening again,” he told Mambaonline. “We also want everyone to take their part in addressing issues faced by queer people.”

The pride will include a march and a series of events. “This year we’re having more events that ever before. We have a total of 16 events which will include panel discussions around issues and topics like toxic masculinity and drag culture,” Lee said.

There will also be movie screenings and a rainbow mural being painted on campus, Lee added. The march itself will take place on campus on Friday August 24th.

Lee explained that it is important for universities to host LGBTQ pride events in order to expose students from different backgrounds to the diversity of the queer community. “You also get to see queer resistance, and are better able to deal with homophobia because universities are a more controlled environment,” he said.

The pride and campus march is not only open to the student body, but to the greater public as well. Those who are not Wits students wish to participate will have to state to security at the university’s entrances that they are there to attend the parade.

Activate will shortly be issuing a full programme of the annual Wits Pride events on its social media pages (see below).

For more information, you can find the organisation on Facebook or Twitter. Alternatively, you can send them an email for inquiries, criticism and feedback.

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