Mon, 8 June 2009

Former gay porn star Timothy Boham, aka Marcus Allen, has been sentenced to life in prison after being found guilty of first degree murder in the US.

Boham was accused of murdering Colorado debt collector John P. Kelso. His lawyers attempted to convince the jury that Kelso committed suicide in order to claim his life insurance.

However Boham’s mother, sister and girlfriend all testified that Boham admitted to the murder to them. “Susan Strong gave an emotionally charged account of how her son came to her in November 2006 and told her of shooting to death his former boss," reports the Denver Post.

According to the newspaper, Boham told his family that he killed Kelso because he believed that the man kept a large sum of money in his household safe.

The jury took four hours to deliberate Boham’s guilty fate, sentencing him to life in prison with possibility for parole.

by Staff Writer

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