Mon, 19 August 2013

The August 9 Antwerp kiss-in (Pic: @Bouska)
Have your lip balm and breath freshener standing by! A kiss-in at the Russian embassy in Pretoria is taking place this Friday to protest against the Russian government’s oppressive anti-gay laws.

Organised by Johannesburg Pride, the event is intended to "show kinship with the Russian LGBTIAQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Asexual and Queer) community who are being degraded and dehumanised for simply being themselves".

Members of South Africa's own LGBTIAQ community have been urged to gather outside the embassy at lunchtime and kiss another member of the same sex.

Dubbed "You’re in our thoughts - to Russia, with love," the event will take place from 12.30pm to 13.30pm on Friday 23 August at 316 Brooks Street, Menlo Park, Pretoria.

Similar kiss-in protests against Russia's gay propaganda law have been recently staged outside Russian embassies in Antwerp and Tel Aviv.

Other more traditional protests have taken place in cities including London, Edinburgh, New York and Stockholm.

The Russian gay propaganda law aims to "protect" minors from exposure to any and all information about homosexuality. It effectively bars any public displays of, or support for, homosexuality in public, on television, in print or on the internet.

Recent polls have shown that the Russian public overwhelming backs the recently enacted law.

The passing of the law has led to a growing boycott of Russian products by gay and lesbian people around the world as well as calls for a boycott of the Winter Olympic Games in the Russian city of Sochi next year.

President Putin also recently signed a law banning foreign gay and lesbian couples and any individuals living in countries that have legalised same-sex marriages from adopting Russian children to avoid them experiencing "complexes, emotional suffering and stress".

by Staff Writer

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mukasa 2/26/2014 6:08:05 PM Down Up Reply REPLY
we are a couple from Uganda among several of us arriving in south Africa, we arrived on the 16th of January 2014, making ten couples in total that managed to make it for refugee here in south Africa waiting for our government bill which at the moment has been de_clared against our rights and freedom of expression, the bill was signed into law on Monday confirming anti-homosexuality resulting in permanent displacement for the minority of us with no one to advocate for us.
we are currently surviving on the help given to us by one of our fellow Ugandan who has been in south Africa before us for: shelter, food and of cause hiding for safety among other assistance she is able to afford. staying underground as humans has deprived us of any freedom expression and progress in life more or less a terrorist without a gun. the situation we are in right now is alarming and hard to persevere with several of our clan mates still arriving increasing the lord of responsibility to our patron without support.
we intend to stand up for our rights by taking up a peaceful demonstration at the Ugandan embassy in Pretoria ( south Africa) holding card boards expressing our recognition rather than rejection for a common right of expression like the rest of the world. "date for the demonstration is yet to be established"
we humbly seek your assistance in all aspects to help us survive in a foreign country as wait patiently for the coming of rescue from oppression, we really look forward to your response and support as everyone has perverted us.
this message is confidential as it may result into un identified disappearance or life imprisonment of any of us.
we will be very grateful for your positive concern and assistance. for more information please don't hastate to contact us on

Mukasa adams


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Protest 8/22/2013 8:30:40 PM Down Up Reply REPLY
Gay Kiss Protest - Map for Russian Embassy in Pta.
Date: 23rd August 2013
Time: 12:30 - 13:30

Brooks str 316 Menlo Park Pretoria and not 361

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Peter Duncan 8/21/2013 3:05:42 PM Down Up Reply REPLY
Boycott the sponsors of the Winter Olympics at Sochi - Coca-Cola and McDonalds

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