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SA business to ‘come out the closet’ at 1st LGBTI Business Summit: PLUS, South Africa’s business network for LGBTI people, is convening a groundbreaking national LGBTI business summit on 11 September in Johannesburg to set an LGBTI agenda for economic empowerment.
Nigeria | Presidential candidate would legalise homosexuality – as long as it’s private: Nigerian presidential candidate Donald Duke says he's fine with gay people, as long as they keep their sexuality out of the public eye. And he certainly won't stand to be kissed by another man.
Nigeria | Police parade 57 arrested at so-called ‘gay initiation’: The media in Nigeria has uncritically reported claims by the police that a large group of men were arrested while being "initiated into a homosexual club" in Lagos.
Vatican erases Pope’s comment about sending gay kids to psychiatrists: The Vatican says that Pope Francis did not mean to suggest that homosexuality is a mental illness in his recent remarks about gay children.
Pope to parents: Don’t condemn gay children but send them to a psychiatrist: The Pope is once again conveying mixed messages to Catholics; urging parents of gay children not to judge them but also to consider sending them to a psychiatrist.
Cape Town hate pastor calls 7de Laan lesbian kiss “sick”: Western Cape pastor Oscar Bougardt, who was previously found guilty of anti-LGBT hate speech, has accused the SABC of trying to "brainwash" families to accept homosexuality.
Dutch Reformed Church “using freedom of religion” to discriminate against LGBT people: The Pretoria High Court has heard that a decision by the Dutch Reformed Church (DRC) to no longer recognise same-sex marriages was not only unprocedural but also unconstitutional.
Zambia | LGBTI woman humiliated and thrown out of church: A woman thought to be a member of the LGBTI community was thrown out of a church and publicly degraded in Zambia after police officers conducted an invasive body search.
Mr Gay World 2019 moves to Cape Town due to LGBTQ clampdown in China: In a shock announcement, Mr Gay World has confirmed that it has been forced to withdraw next year’s event from Hong Kong, the city appointed to host Mr Gay World 2019.
Madonna’s gayest songs and videos: Before Lady Gaga and before Beyoncé, there was (and is) Madonna. As she turns 60 this month, we celebrate some of her most gay-affirming songs and videos.