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THE COST OF UNPROTECTED SEX: People have more sex during economic downturns as they have less money to spend on other activities, But the cost of unprotected sex on your wallet may be higher than you think.
COULD HIV BE ELIMINATED IN 10 YEARS?: HIV could theoretically be eliminated if all people were tested each year and given antiretrovirals straight away if they tested positive, researchers have proposed.
VATICAN’S ANTI-GAY WITCH HUNT CONTINUES: The Pope's plan for psychological tests to purge gay men from the priesthood is a new low, writes UK human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell.
MAMBA LAUNCHES GAY BUSINESS DIRECTORY: SA’s largest gay and lesbian lifestyle website has announced the launch of the country’s first online gay business and services directory website,
CAMBODIA’S HIDDEN GAYS: At the end of each day, Lux, a construction worker, goes home for supper with his wife and young children. But at the weekend he cruises the city's most notorious male brothels.
LOHAN CONFIRMS LESBIAN RELATIONSHIP: Actress Lindsay Lohan has confirmed that she is in a lesbian relationship but refuses to define herself as gay or lesbian.
MANDELA LAUDS MAMA AFRIKA: Former President, Nelson Mandela has expressed sadness at the sudden death of singing legend Miriam Makeba.
330,000 VICTIMS OF GOVERNMENT AIDS POLICY: A new study estimates that more than 330,000 HIV-positive South Africans lost their lives as a result of government delays in rolling out a treatment programme.
TROUBLE IN PARADISE: Featuring newly married 5FM DJs Kevin and Catherine Grenfell, Qc caused a lot of hot, steamy dance floor trouble last Friday at Vacca Matta,
OBAMA: THE VICTORY SPEECH: In a first, President-Elect Barack Obama included gays in his inspirational victory speech on the night of his election as the 44th American president. Here is the complete transcript.