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Opinion | ‘Inxeba’ censorship a legal fiasco motivated by homophobia: Last week the Appeal Tribunal of the Film and Publication
No, a peaceful protest on church grounds does not infringe on religious grounds:
Pic: Twitter / @CamModisane
After a group of lesbian,
Does God want his churches to discriminate?: The Constitutional Court last month declined to hear a case of unfair discrimination brought by Ecclesia
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Homophobe Jon Qwelane may succeed in his bid to overturn his hate speech ruling, says Pierre De Vos.
WHY PRIVATE BUSINESSES CANNOT DISCRIMINATE AGAINST GAYS & LESBIANS: Recent incidents have revealed that many businesses believe they can refuse to serve gays and lesbians due to the owners’ religious beliefs. Constitutional expert Pierre De Vos explains why this is both unethical and against the law.
ON THE COMMON SENSE BIGOTRY OF STEPHEN MULHOLLAND: Constitutional expert Pierre de Vos takes umbrage with Stephen Mulholland's recent Sunday Times article, in which he wrote that same-sex families are neither "the norm nor ultimately desirable".
OPINION: HATE CRIME – THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS AN EXCUSE, EVER: Following the recent attack on transgender students at the University of the Western Cape, constitutional expert Pierre De Vos writes about victims being on the receiving end of blame.