Beyoncé is finally coming to (South) Africa!: All of our prayers have been heard! Queen Bey is finally coming to perform in South Africa – but you
Panic! at the Disco star Brendon Urie: “I’m attracted to men”:
Pic: © pitpony.photography / CC-BY-SA-3.0
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Lasizwe accused of stealing content:
Image: Instagram
South African vlogging sensation, Lasizwe, found himself in hot water recently when American vine
Inxeba censorship | The battle is not over yet: Despite this week’s ruling confirming that the acclaimed Inxeba should not have been classified
Review | Falling in love with Love, Simon:
Nick Robinson in Love, Simon
Coming out is a unique process for each one of us; both a deeply personal and a culturally-specific
Judge: Inxeba is not porn, but violates rights of Xhosa people: The Pretoria High Court has handed down its final ruling on attempts to classify
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Hungary | ‘Billy Elliot’ musical cancelled because “it’ll turn children gay”:
Péter Rákossy
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Kenya’s banned ‘Rafiki’ to close off Durban International Film Fest:
Director Wanuri Kahiu
Kenyan LGBT love story,
The 2018 KU33R$ Event (In Pictures): Kitcheners Bar, in Braamfontein Johannesburg, hosted a Ku33R$ (pronounced “queers”) event on Thursday,
Pretoria Pride to commemorate African LGBTIQ+ heroes: The 2018 Pretoria Pride theme has been announced and this year it is all about “Pride for
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