The Durban Gay & Lesbian Film Festival is back: The annual Durban Gay & Lesbian Film Festival runs until Sunday 30 September 2018 at select pop-up venues around the city. Now in it’s seventh year since opening in October 2011, the festival will screen 57 titles over a 10-day programme.
10 facts you need to know about online hookups: Online dating and hookups have become part of daily life for many gay, bi and other men who have sex with men. They are not only a way for us to meet each other but can also be a fun and sexy way of expressing our sexuality.
Life | My self-defence is past its sell-by-date: As a child, Bruce Little found ways of protecting himself from criticism and taunts. Today he still grapples with the internal voices telling him he's unworthy, but he's fighting back.
The first South African LGBTI Business Summit was a groundbreaking success: South African LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex) entrepreneurs, business owners and employees came together to flex their economic muscle on Tuesday at the country's first landmark LGBTI Business Summit.
Opinion | Navigating Gay Misogyny and Queer Solidarity: LGBTIQ and gender activism is fraught with tensions around identity politics. So, how do we build coalitions as an effective mode of resistance to patriarchy? How about queering things up?
Male 2 Male health | My chemsex experience: As a gay man, chemsex was the ultimate high. It was a confidence booster and the sex was fantastic. But ultimately it left me feeling fake, empty and out of control.
Male 2 Male Health: HIV & STI facts: Think you know it all? Your sexual health is a lifelong journey and not a destination. Here's what every man who has sex with men needs to know about HIV and STIs.
Disabled LGBT+ young people face a battle to be taken seriously: LGBT youth who are disabled face the dual challenges of how their disability and sexuality or gender identity is perceived by the world.
Dr Anastasia Tomson on queer and trans visibility in celebrating women: As Women's Month comes to a close, Mambaonline spoke to transgender activist, author and medical doctor, Anastasia Tomson, to find out how South Africans can better include and celebrate trans, lesbian and queer identities.
Eye Candy: Meet Top Billing’s new sexy presenters: Calling all lovers of the male form; meet two of Top Billing’s hot new presenters - Fezile Mkhize and Ryle De Morny - who quite enjoy spending time shirtless.
Mamba Q&A: Bianca Del Rio on South Africa and drag culture: Mambaonline had a short but uncensored Q&A session with RuPaul's Drag Race winner Bianca Del Rio when she recently visited South Africa. Here's what she had to say about drag culture and online trolls.
Gay dating | Young people on age difference in gay relationships: Gay dating culture can be quite difficult to navigate. We recently saw a conversation about age surface on social media when media personality Somizi Mhlongo revealed that he was dating someone almost twice as young as him.
My experience | Living positively one day at a time: Albert* is an HIV positive gay man. Here he shares for the first time the experiences that led up to his diagnosis, how he looks back on them and how he now lives his life.
Editorial | Pastor Bougardt’s gay hate speech Equality Court case is a farce: The years-long Equality Court matter against gay hate pastor Oscar Bougardt has become a travesty and illustrates the deep deficiencies of the Equality Court system.
I’ll be exactly who I am: Meet openly gay South African singer Kellan: Cape Town’s Kellan is not only a talented and proudly gay singer and songwriter, but he's also using his gift to bring awareness to hate crimes against the LGBTQ community.
Opinion | Gay men – ‘out of control?: As the use of PrEP grows, some say it will cause gay men to stop using condoms. Sky Gilbert argues that this fear is based on the notion that gay men's desires must be controlled.
Siya Khumalo on God and queerness: The Mamba Interview: Siya Khumalo's provocative new book, You Have To Be Gay To Know God, has been both acclaimed and condemned. He sat down with Mambaonline to talk about being queer and Christian in South Africa.
My kryptonite: Coming out (again) as an addict: The shame we experience from society as LGBTQ people can run deep and impacts many aspects of our lives. In this honest account, Riaan Norval writes about coming out yet another closet - this time as an addict.
This is why gay porn is so popular among women: When I tell people I’m studying women who like gay male porn I get some pretty mixed responses. Men tend
Online dating | When Ghosting Haunts You: It’s happened to most of us. Ghosting: it’s when someone seems interested in you and then suddenly goes as