OSCAR PISTORIOUS – THE NEW FACE OF A*MEN: South African athlete and 2011 Pravda Vodka Mambaonline Sexiest Man Finalist Oscar Pistorious makes history as the face of Thierry Mugler's A*Men fragrance.
ADVERTORIAL: UNWELCOME FROWN LINES: Those frown-lines between your eyes, coupled with the newly formed eye bags and dark rings transform any jovial character into a dreaded monster...
BEAUTY: FILL ‘ER UP!: As you prepare for a new year ahead, now might be the time to consider trading your ageing looks for a fuller and more youthful face that will take years off your age.
BEAUTY & HEALTH: EN MASSE: When I think of Thai massages, I envisage bamboo, plastic palm trees and pan-pipe music. But nothing could be further from the stylish experience at En Masse, in Cape Town.
BEAUTY: MARC JACOBS’ BANG: American designer and style icon Marc Jacobs has just released his latest unique fragrance in South Africa. Mamba takes a look... and a whiff.
BEAUTY: SHAPING UP FOR SUMMER: If you’ve put on a few kilos around your waist during the winter months – and who hasn’t – think about trying Skin and Body Renewal’s new 3 D Body Renewal programme.
BEAUTY: SUN DAMAGED SKIN: Most South Africans drool over a tanned, athletic body but we pay a price for tanning: ageing; skin discolouration; spider veins; and facial redness.
PROMO: NATURE’S ANSWER TO ED?: A new product, containing only natural ingredients, that claims to assist with erectile dysfunction (ED) has been launched on the South African market.
BEAUTY: SCARY STRETCH-MARKS: Does your bum carry the telltale signs of weight loss and gain or from the stresses of muscle building? Well, today there are solutions on offer!
REFRESHING YOUR LOOK: With new advances in cosmetology, rejuvenation treatments are available that can transform tired, puffy eyes into the fresh boardroom look.
FASHION: CALVIN KLEIN RETURNS TO SA: Label queens rejoice! It’s been announced that international designer underwear label Calvin Klein is set to officially return to South African shores from June.
GROOMING: NEW PRODUCTS: It's not easy staying ridiculously well-groomed. To help things out, we present a selection of new affordable grooming products you might find of interest.
TRENDS IN SKINCARE: When it comes to looks, personal preferences vary greatly, but nobody wants to look old prematurely. In our first regular Beauty and Health article, we look at trends in personal skin care for men.
GROOMING: THE CELEBRITY FLAT STOMACH: Ever had the feeling that no matter how much you exercise, you just can’t get rid of that ‘little spare tyre’? Well, a bizarre new device is being used by celebrities in the UK to do just that.
A TAN TO DIE FOR: As summer makes itself felt, the need to look tanned and healthy sees light-skinned gay men take to beaches and tanning salons. A tan may help you get lucky, but could it also kill you?
Too Young to be Bald: We take a look at male baldness and offer some suggestions on how to keep your locks for as long as possible
50 Tips to Look Your Best: Grooming has become essential for the modern man. Mambaonline brings you 50 essential tips to looking hotter and healthier.