Family’s dismay as Lerato Moloi trial moved without notice: Activists are furious after the trial of the men accused of murdering Gauteng lesbian Lerato Moloi was moved to a different court, without notifying her family.
“We ran for our lives!” Lasizwe recounts terrifying Global Citizen chaos: Social media star Lasizwe was among those caught in the midst of the shocking post-Global Citizen concert mayhem in Johannesburg.
Alleged Durban Grindr scammer sought by police: Sugan Naiker, a Durban man, is wanted by the police for allegedly conning men from around the country who he seduced on Grindr out of hundreds of thousand of rands.
Pope Francis says being gay is a “fashion” plaguing the priesthood: Pope Francis says he's concerned that priests are in danger of falling victim to the "fashion" of being gay.
Here’s why the Springboks won’t wear rainbow laces: While other major rugby nations recently wore rainbow laces in support of intolerance against the LGBTQ community, the Springboks continue to refuse to do so.
Edwin Cameron: 2018 World AIDS Day Message: In his 2018 World AIDs Day message, Constitutional Court Justice Edwin Cameron focuses on the deadly impact of stigma and silence on those living with HIV.
14 things you should know about Simon Nkoli: Simon Nkoli is one of South Africa's most influential queer icons and was a fearless fighter against all forms of stigma, discrimination and inequality. Here are 14 things you should know about him.
8 queer friendly things to do this festive season: The December festive season is upon us and many are busy making preparations to head back home to spend this time with family.
LGBTIQ victory! Civil Union Amendment Bill adopted by parliamentary committee: In a victory for LGBTIQ equality and same-sex couples in South Africa, the Portfolio Committee on Home Affairs in Parliament has adopted the Civil Union Amendment Bill.
Hundreds march to Tanzania embassy, call for LGBTIQ boycott: Around 300 people took part in a DA-organised march on the embassies of Tanzania and Uganda in Pretoria on Tuesday to protest the persecution of LGBTIQ people.
Nelson Mandela Bay Pride 2018 was ‘For The People’ (with pics!): Saturday, 24 November 2018 was the day Nelson Mandela Bay's LGBTQIA+ community had been waiting for: the 7th NMB Pride commemorations.
18 Fascinating Facts about Freddie Mercury: Thanks to the hit film Bohemian Rhapsody, the world is once again celebrating the amazing life and talent of the legendary Freddie Mercury.
Fewer Gauteng residents approve of anti-gay violence, but it’s still too many: It seems Gauteng residents are becoming more tolerant, with "only" 6% saying that they approve of violence against lesbian and gay people.
South Africa among top 20 LGBT Honeymoon destinations: An LGBT Honeymoon Ranking index has listed South Africa as one of the top spots in the world for LGBT couples to spend their honeymoon.
A bitter blow: Taiwan votes against same-sex marriage: Millions of voters in Taiwan have rejected both marriage equality and LGBTI inclusive education in a series of referenda held on Saturday.
Kanarie to show for 6th week on local cinema circuit: Gay coming of age musical drama, Kanarie, has surpassed expectations and has been extended to a sixth week at selected local cinemas due to popular demand.
Wales to wear rainbow laces against SA to support Gareth Thomas: The Welsh rugby team will show its support for gay-bashed former captain Gareth Thomas by wearing rainbow laces in this weekend's match against South Africa.
B*tch Makoya: Humanising queer life and death: A powerful new short documentary, B*tch Makoya, about the murder of Kagiso Maema is helping to bring the consequences of anti-queer hate crimes to life.
It was a “joke”! Cassper Nyovest denies being homophobic: Cassper Nyovest has again been accused of homophobia, a claim which he has denied, insisting that he was just 'joking'.
100,000 march for marriage equality in Taiwan: The LGBTQ community in Taiwan is mobilising support as the country prepares for an upcoming series of referenda on same-sex marriage.