FEARS OVER FUTURE OF ATTITUDE MAG: There is concern that popular UK gay magazine, Attitude, may have shut down after its January issue failed to appear.
GREY’S ANATOMY GAY FUROR GROWS: Openly gay actor T.R. Knight has confirmed that he was insulted by his Grey's Anatomy co-star, who has denied the homophobic attack.
DELAYS IN GAY MARRIAGE OFFICER LICENSES: While Home Affairs expects a Valentine’s Day rush for same-sex weddings it still hasn’t put in place procedures to license external marriage officers.
GLA LEADER TO BE ARRESTED: The Citizen has reported that Juan Uys, the head of the GLA, and the man behind the Crime Expo website, is on the verge of being arrested.
JAKE GYLLENHALL DOES DRAG: Brokeback Mountain star Jake Gyllenhaal has performed in drag on the Saturday Night Live television show.
PORN TO DECIDE DVD BATTLE?: Reports from Las Vegas indicate that the war between the competing Blu-Ray and HD DVD formats may be decided by the adult film industry.
ZACHIE ACHMAT ACCUSED OF GENOCIDE: A charge of genocide has been laid against Aids activist Zackie Achmat at the International Criminal Court.
OVER 100 000 UK GAYS REFUSED GOODS / SERVICES: A new survey reveals that over 135 000 lesbians and gay men in the UK say that they have been refused service or goods, apparently, because of their sexuality.
U.K. GAY RIGHT LAW PASSES: A new law that aims to protect gay people from discrimination has passed in the House of Lords despite vocal religious opposition.
TRIANGLE LOOKS FOR DIRECTOR: The country's oldest LGBT service organisation is looking for a new director to take the helm.
ANGLICAN SPLIT MAY BE INEVITABLE: The head of the Anglican Church has said that it may be too late to stop his Church from splitting over gay issues.
CAPE TOWN PRIDE ANNOUNCES ’07 THEME: Cape Town Pride Festival will take place in February under the theme of “Carnival of Love”, say organisers.
GAYS LEAD IN ONLINE USAGE: A new survey in the U.S. shows that gays, lesbians and bisexuals lead in the usage of online social networks, websites and blogs.
BELGIAN ‘BAD GIRLS’ TIE THE KNOT: Two female prisoners in Flanders have made history by becoming the first lesbian couple to get married while imprisoned.
GAY SHEEP FUROR: An attempt to convert "gay" sheep to become straight has sparked a fierce debate in the U.S. on the ethics of the experiment.
KENYA: AIDS SERVICES FOR GAY MEN SLOWLY GROWS: Although sex between men remains illegal in Kenya, services addressing the sexual health needs of men who have sex with men are slowly becoming available.
GAY NATIVITY SCENE SHOCKS ITALY: Italian law-makers have expressed outrage over the addition of two dolls representing a gay couple into a nativity scene in Parliament.
GAY NIGERIAN DEPORTED BY UK: A twenty year old Nigerian gay man seeking asylum in the UK has been deported back to Nigeria - where he could face death.
MILITARY POLL SHOWS TOLERANCE OF GAY COLLEAGUES: A new poll shows that US military personnel are increasingly comfortable serving with gay colleagues.
CIVIL UNION ACT CLARIFIED: The Department of Home Affairs has clarified the status of religious leaders and same-sex marriage in South Africa.