COMMUNITY OUTRAGED BY PRIDE ATTACK: Community leaders say that the bottle throwing incident on the weekend reflects the vital importance of an event like Pride.
JOBURG PRIDE ROCKS THE CITY: Described as one of the best Pride Parades to date, the event was marred by an attack on a participant.
SA GAY ACTIVISTS AWARDED: Several LGBTI activists were recognised for their work at an awards ceremony in Johannesburg last night.
POPE CRACKS DOWN ON GAYS: The Catholic Church, led by Pope Benedict XVI, is taking new steps to root out gays from the clergy.
GAY LOBBY TACKLES SABC: The producers of the Tuesday Night Show, together with six LGBTI organisations, will be meeting the SABC's CEO and asking some hard questions.
COWBOY-ROMANCE FLICK WINS AT FESTIVAL: A new movie about two cowboys in love has scooped the top award at the Venice Film Festival.
SCHWARZENEGGER TERMINATES GAY MARRIAGE: California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will veto a bill that would legalise gay marriage in the state.
LESBIAN PARENTS IN PRIVATE SCHOOL SPAT: A lesbian couple has accused a prominent Joburg Christian school of homophobia.
JOBURG CITY SUPPORTS PRIDE: The route for the Joburg Lesbian and Gay Pride March has been approved by Metro Police and the City has confirmed its support.
MORE ANGER AT TUESDAY NIGHT CLOSURE: LGBTI organisations have questioned the motives behind the SABC closing the Tuesday Night Radio Show.
NG KERK TAKES STEP BACKWARDS: The NG Kerk has suspended a gay dominee, sparking outrage among gay activists.
WESTLIFE SINGER COMES OUT: Mark Feehily, singer with popular Irish boyband Westlife, has come out as gay.
OUT OPENS NEW OFFICES: The Gauteng based gay support group, OUT, has opened new offices in Arcadia.
JUDE LAW CAUGHT WITH PANTS DOWN: The world is agog at new paparazzi pictures of self-confessed nanny-shagger Jude Law in the buff.
NEW CONDOM FOR SA’S WELL ENDOWED MEN: We knew it all along, but it appears that condom manufacturer Durex has seen the light; South African men are well-endowed.
SHOCK AS SABC SHUTS DOWN ‘TUESDAY NIGHT’: Following the closure of Wrapped magazine this week, Tuesday Night Radio, SA’s only national gay radio show, also shuts down.
GAY ORGANISATIONS: PRIDE IN SAFE HANDS: Community organisations will no longer be involved in the running of Joburg Pride.
WRAPPED CLOSES PERMANENTLY: Brave Publishing has announced that Wrapped magazine will permanently cease publishing.
CAPE TOWN PRIDE CALLS FOR COMMUNITY INVOLVMENT: Plans for next year’s Cape Town Pride Festival are underway, and your involvement is needed
NEW BOOK ON AFRICAN LESBIANS LAUNCHED: A book exploring the lives of lesbians in Africa has been launched in Johannesburg.