DO IT ON YOUR PHONE!: Health4Men’s innovative mobi site provides access to important sexual health information specifically for MSM who may not have access to the internet. Here are some of the questions asked by users or the service.
COMBINATION PREVENTION: There's more on the menu than you thought! Ongoing HIV prevention messages regarding consistent use of condoms and water-based lube are essential but you might forget that you have other options available.
ARE WE BORN TO CHEAT?: Do all gay men cheat? And what does it mean to cheat? It partly depends on how we define the term. One couple's cheating may be another couple's agreed-upon sex play. It's really an issue of honesty and mutual respect.
HEALTH: MATURING GAY MEN: Everyone knows life doesn’t stop at 45, yet many people assume that sex does. Health4Men’s Glenn de Swardt writes about how maturing gay men can feel alienated from a gay culture that favours a younger twinky crowd.
HEALTH SERVICES FOR GAY MEN BEING EXPANDED: Glenn de Swardt from Health4Men writes about new developments for gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men in South Africa: Competent health services for MSM are now being expanded in five provinces.