Opinion | Gay men – ‘out of control?: As the use of PrEP grows, some say it will cause gay men to stop using condoms. Sky Gilbert argues that this fear is based on the notion that gay men's desires must be controlled.
Trans women want SA public health sector to stop prescribing ‘toxic’ drug: Transgender activist Kattia Lemar Williams has launched a petition against the "highly dangerous" drug, Premarin, issued to trans and cis-gendered women in South African health care institutions.
Breakthrough as research shows that ‘on-demand PrEP’ works in gay men: A promising new study suggests that PrEP could be used
Study shines a light on domestic violence among gay male couples: Nearly half of all men in a new study about intimate partner violence among gay male couples in the US have reported being victims of abuse.
HIV+ MSM partners on effective treatment do not transmit the virus, study finds: A recent study, released at the International Aids Conference in Amsterdam, has revealed that gay or bisexual men on effective ARV treatment pose no risk of passing HIV through condomless sex.
Charlize Theron and Elton John say HIV can’t be beat without ending LGBT stigma: Speaking at the International Aids Conference this week, stars Charlize Theron and Elton John have both highlighted the devastating impact of stigma and discrimination on the fight against HIV.
Study: HIV treatment equals prevention amongst gay male couples: After more than 12,000 acts of condomless sex, not a single case of HIV transmission
32-year study confirms: Same-sex families raise happy and healthy kids:
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Claims that children are harmed by being raised by lesbian
Five gay and bi male health centers to open in Zimbabwe: In a significant development, Zimbabwe is set to open five new centres to cater to the health
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South African men compare their penis shapes to bananas #WorldPenisDay: Most South African men rated bananas as the most suitable comparison
South African bi, gay and MSM prefer self-HIV testing, study finds: A study has found that young South African men who have sex with men (MSM) prefer
1/3rd of Brits won’t date an HIV positive person: Despite advances in treatment and preventing HIV, 35% of people in the UK would ‘swipe left’
Theresa May: UK will ban ‘gay cure’ therapies in major new LGBT policy: So-called conversion therapy, aimed at changing
Congratulations! WeTheBrave marks 3 years of changing gay, bi and MSM lives: The national WeTheBrave campaign is celebrating three years
Breakthrough as WHO affirms being transgender not a mental disorder: South African activists have welcomed the groundbreaking decision by
Gay relationships | My pleasure, as a bottom, matters: “I am here, and my pleasure matters.” Motlatsi Motseoile explores the intricacies
Major changes at Health4Men after funding is cut: Health4Men, the groundbreaking sexual health programme that targets gay, bisexual and other men
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That little blue pill – A PrEP FAQ: Have you heard about PrEP, the amazing new daily pill that prevents HIV? So, is it for you? Here are some commonly asked