Pushing the limit: Steroids and gay men: For many gay and bi men appearance is a huge deal. Our community seems to consistently define itself though images
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Romantic relationships help gay youth cope with homophobia: We should be enabling gay teenagers to find romance with one another, just like their
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Tantric pleasure and intimacy for men to men: They say that sex is all in the mind, but perhaps it’s also in the heart and soul. Can our lives in
Porn may be screwing with you: I have to admit that porn has played a large supporting role in the backdrop of my life so far, and I have mixed feelings about this.
HIV treatment and prevention could become once-a-week pill: The need for people living with HIV to consistently take daily medication is a major
We knew it! Same-sex couples have better sex: We’ve always suspected it, but now it’s been confirmed! A new study has revealed that same-sex
Study reveals nearly 25% of LGBQ youth attempt suicide: American youth who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or questioning (LGBQ) are much more likely
Gay relationships can be happier than hetero, study finds: Hot on the heels of Australia legalising same-sex marriage, new research shows that gay
Boost Yoself!: Having low self-confidence is a major obstacle in life. So, when you don’t believe in yourself, then it’s harder for others to believe in you. Sometimes
South Africa still has four critical gaps to fill before it sees the end of AIDS: South Africa has the largest number of people living
Justice Edwin Cameron | We must fight stigma:
Justice Edwin Cameron (Pic: Mambaonline)
This year we mark the world’s thirtieth World AIDS Day. From
Stigma, silence & stress | MSM couples & HIV in Southern Africa: A new study has explored the complexities of same-sex relationships
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Your health | Undetectable? You can’t pass it on: Did you know that if an HIV-positive guy is on ARV treatment and the virus is undetectable, he cannot
Is Johannesburg Pride #BraveEnough to Get Tested?:
Johannesburg Pride 2016
The challenge is on! At Johannesburg Pride on 28 October, WeTheBrave –
UK | Doctors ordered to ask if patients are gay or lesbian: A move towards better health care or an invasion of privacy? Doctors and nurses in England