Boost Yoself!: Having low self-confidence is a major obstacle in life. So, when you don’t believe in yourself, then it’s harder for others to believe in you. Sometimes
South Africa still has four critical gaps to fill before it sees the end of AIDS: South Africa has the largest number of people living
Justice Edwin Cameron | We must fight stigma:
Justice Edwin Cameron (Pic: Mambaonline)
This year we mark the world’s thirtieth World AIDS Day. From
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Your health | Undetectable? You can’t pass it on: Did you know that if an HIV-positive guy is on ARV treatment and the virus is undetectable, he cannot
Is Johannesburg Pride #BraveEnough to Get Tested?:
Johannesburg Pride 2016
The challenge is on! At Johannesburg Pride on 28 October, WeTheBrave –
UK | Doctors ordered to ask if patients are gay or lesbian: A move towards better health care or an invasion of privacy? Doctors and nurses in England
UK | Reversal of HIV epidemic among gay men: For the first time ever there has been a decline in HIV diagnoses among gay and bisexual men in the UK. According
#Oktobertest: Are you doing it? (sponsored): Take control of your sexual health this October. BioSURE, the only legally approved HIV Self Test in South
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5 Things You Need to Know About PrEP: PrEP – or pre-exposure prophylaxis – can be highly effective in preventing HIV if used as prescribed, but it is far
Life with HIV for 34 years I The remarkable David Ross Patient dies:
David Ross Patient (Facebook)
David Ross Patient, one of the longest-infected
Miracle HIV cure man visits SA: Timothy Ray Brown is one in 70 million – the only person in the world who has been cured of HIV. The slight man with a dry sense of
Amazing! “Smart” PrEP pills remind you when to take your meds: Scientists have created a “smart” PrEP pill that keeps track
What my mental illness taught me about love: “You’re effing ugly, just look at you! I am embarrassed to be in public with you.” I remember that
Another study confirms effective treatment stops HIV between gay couples: The largest study to analyse HIV transmission risk among gay couples
UN urged to tackle health and well-being of LGBTI people: Countries must address the health of LGBTI people, which is consistently poorer than that
Health | A daily orgasm keeps the doctor away: Don’t hold back, boys! Experts have confirmed that men should have at least 21 orgasms a month to help