WeTheBrave moves to tackle HIV among MSM in KZN: Almost half (48.2%) of gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men (MSM) in Durban are estimated
Health: Drug-fuelled sex does not have to end in HIV: Did you know that gay and bisexual men as well as straight men who have sex with men, take more illicit
Charlize Theron: “We value some lives more than others”:
Charlize Theron
In a powerful speech at the International AIDS Conference,
Study confirms that HIV treatment stops spread of virus to partners: A new study has shown once again the power of HIV treatment in blocking the
South Africa’s LGBTI community much more likely to suffer from depression: The South African Depression and Anxiety Group reports that
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Who knew? Older gay men are happiest with their sex life!: Gay and bi men over 60 are the happiest age group when it comes to the state of their sex life,
Most Aussie gay couples now in open relationships: A new survey of gay men in Australia suggests that more couples are now in open relationships than
Sex vs. Intimacy – Grabbing a shag when a hug would do: It’s not unusual to hear a guy say something like: “Damn, it’s been too long
Study looks at some of the challenges facing bears in the gay community:
The Bear flag
A study has found that American men who identify as bears
The job at hand – celebrating Masturbation Month: Seeing as May is Masturbation Month, here are some excellent reasons to keep spanking your
Does watching bareback porn make you have risky sex?: Gay men who watch porn that includes condoms are more likely to use condoms themselves when they
Age, race and having a partner affect risk for suicide among gay men: Scientists say that older gay and bisexual men appear to cope better with
Yet another study confirms that gay families are just like other families: A new study has joined a raft of previous research that shows that
Stiaan Louw and WeTheBrave will “cover your butt”: Menswear designer Stiaan Louw and WeTheBrave have launched the unique homoerotic 
Possible U-turn as UK reconsiders cancelling rollout of PrEP: Following an outcry and threatened legal action, England’s NHS has announced
Move to address HIV among transgender people welcomed: New guidelines have been published to help address HIV among transgender people, a community
Yes, Zika can be transmitted through gay sex: America’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has confirmed a case of a man who likely
Health: Scientists say circumcision does not reduce penis sensitivity: Circumcised? Good news: you’re not losing out in the pleasure department
Health: Have you loved your nuts today?: April is testicular cancer awareness month. Why should you care? Because it’s the most common cancer in