It’s time to refocus the HIV stigma: HIV-related stigma within the gay community has been around since the emergence of the pandemic. Early media reports
My boyfriend is a cock doctor: Upon meeting acquaintances for the first time with my boyfriend, the conversation often goes something like this: Acquaintance:
Modern Family star comes out as gay, has body dysmorphia:
Actor Reid Ewing
Modern Family actor Reid Ewing has revealed that he is gay, after writing
UK gay and bi boys and men to get HPV vaccine: The UK government has announced that it will offer the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine to Men who
Turning down the heat: 10 sex tips to help you through the heat wave: The current excessive temperatures across much of South Africa are impacting
Report warns of dangers of “chemsex”:
Crystal methamphetamine (Pic: Radspunk)
A new UK report has highlighted the impact of “chemsex”,
12 tips for safer online hook-ups: Cruising and hooking up online, especially with someone you’ve never met before, could place you in a very vulnerable
Global doctors group says trans rights trump religion, cultural beliefs: The World Medical Association (WMA) has adopted new guidelines for
Gay and lesbian parents spend more time with their kids: A major study has found that gay and lesbian parents tend to spend much more time interacting
Straight to bed!: I’m on the Gautrain. A ridiculously snacky homie in tracksuit pants (nicely filled by his legs and ass) hops on. I totally miss the goose
SA Gov urged to embrace groundbreaking new global HIV strategies:
HIV particles infecting a human T cell (Image: NIH)
In a major change in policy,
MSM community project leaves a legacy of love: When it started, volunteers named it “Boithato,” or “love” in Sesotho. Almost
Gauteng Health MEC opens LGBTI clinic in Tshwane:
Gauteng officials at the inauguration of the TEN81 Centre (Pic: Delene Van Dyk)
Gauteng’s MEC for
“Gaydar” doesn’t exist, say scientists, it’s dangerous stereotyping: Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
Almost a third of SA’s MSM haven’t tested for HIV in a year: Despite South Africa being a country where one in 10 people are living with
Large PrEP study finds no HIV infections: There’s more good news on the HIV prevention front. A major new study of the use of PrEP has found no new HIV
Women more likely to identify as bisexual than men: In the wake of the recent trend of female celebrities, like Miley Cyrus, coming out as “sexually-fluid”,
Study: bisexuals have poorer health, lesbians do best: Bisexual males and females report poorer health than gays, lesbians and heterosexuals, according
Huge Elton John funded gay sexual health campaign launched in Joburg:
James McIntyre at the WeTheBrave launch
WeTheBrave, the largest ever
Teens invent condoms that change colour because of STIs:
Pic: TeenTech Awards
Three British schoolchildren have come up with a remarkable invention: