Study: Children of same-sex parents turn out same as other kids: A comprehensive new study has confirmed that children of same-sex parents
Homophobia and dating apps a dangerous combination: Researchers have warned that the effects of homophobia in Eastern European countries combined
Health: Drinking coffee helps keep you erect: Another reason to enjoy that cup of coffee. Scientists have discovered that drinking the tasty, addictive
SA psychology contributing towards a just society: As the world grapples with the issue of so-called reparative therapy (a widely discredited and potentially
Health: There is someone in our corner: I am a 48-year-old gay male who recently contracted the hepatitis B virus. This is my story. It all started late last
Changing lives for 21 years:
OUT’s offices in Hatfield, Pretoria
OUT, the Pretoria-based health and well-being non-profit organisation serving the
Revolutionary anti-HIV skin implant developed:
The tiny implant could revolutionise the treatment & prevention of HIV (Pic: Oak Crest Institute)
New antibody therapy shows promise in fighting HIV:
HIV particles infecting a human T cell (Image: NIH)
Researchers have shown that a new experimental
Study: Online dating and apps not just for hooking up: An Australian study has found that gay and bisexual men are increasingly using online dating
Health: Getting testy: Standing on Seapoint Main road in Cape Town has many connotations. More than a decade ago, my friend and I were doing just that, but it was daytime
Does watching porn make you better in bed?: A new study has challenged conventional thinking by finding that watching porn could actually help men stay
SA university performs first-ever penis transplant on botched circumcision victim:
The team behind the ground-breaking procedure
In a
The indignities of ‘playing doctor’: No one likes to go to the doctor. No one leaps out of bed, excited by the prospect of sitting in an airless
Scientists prove that HIV prevention drugs work for gay & bi men: Researchers have presented unequivocal evidence that antiretroviral
Scientists discover powerful new anti-HIV agent that could be used for vaccine:
HIV particles infecting a human T cell. (Image: NIH)
Are good-looking men selfish? Study says yes: A new study has concluded that the more good-looking a man’s body is, the more likely he is to have attitudes
French Letters and Chocolate Hearts: Despite being the shortest month of the year, February can be a testy one for many of us. This is because, if you’re single,
Transgender children “not confused” about their gender: In a ground-breaking study, researchers have found that transgender children are
And…Cut! A double circumcision story: Circumcision is a controversial topic. Pros and cons exist for men who are cut, and men who are not. In 2007, I decided
Health concerns over “new poppers”: Gay men are being warned to be cautious of new products being sold or used as poppers that may cause serious