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Fewer Gauteng residents approve of anti-gay violence, but it’s still too many: It seems Gauteng residents are becoming more tolerant, with "only" 6% saying that they approve of violence against lesbian and gay people.
South Africa among top 20 LGBT Honeymoon destinations: An LGBT Honeymoon Ranking index has listed South Africa as one of the top spots in the world for LGBT couples to spend their honeymoon.
A bitter blow: Taiwan votes against same-sex marriage: Millions of voters in Taiwan have rejected both marriage equality and LGBTI inclusive education in a series of referenda held on Saturday.
Kanarie to show for 6th week on local cinema circuit: Gay coming of age musical drama, Kanarie, has surpassed expectations and has been extended to a sixth week at selected local cinemas due to popular demand.
Wales to wear rainbow laces against SA to support Gareth Thomas: The Welsh rugby team will show its support for gay-bashed former captain Gareth Thomas by wearing rainbow laces in this weekend's match against South Africa.
B*tch Makoya: Humanising queer life and death: A powerful new short documentary, B*tch Makoya, about the murder of Kagiso Maema is helping to bring the consequences of anti-queer hate crimes to life.
It was a “joke”! Cassper Nyovest denies being homophobic: Cassper Nyovest has again been accused of homophobia, a claim which he has denied, insisting that he was just 'joking'.
100,000 march for marriage equality in Taiwan: The LGBTQ community in Taiwan is mobilising support as the country prepares for an upcoming series of referenda on same-sex marriage.
LGB Americans at higher risk of opioid abuse: As America grapples with an opioid crisis, it's been found that those who identify as lesbian, gay, or bisexual (LGB) are more likely to misuse opioids than heterosexuals.
Inclusive rugby club fights to save gay member from deportation: An inclusive English rugby club is trying to stop one of its teammates from being deported to Kenya, where he could face persecution for being gay.
369 transphobia murder victims remembered | Trans Day of Remembrance 2018: Hundreds of victims of deadly transphobia are being remembered today as the world marks the International Trans Day of Remembrance (TDoR).
Aussie wedding magazine closes down after gay boycott: A wedding magazine has been forced to shut its doors because its Christian owners refused to include same-sex weddings in its pages.
Cedric Fourie: No ladies, being gay is not “a waste”: Skeem Saam star and LGBTQI ally Cedric Fourie has clapped back at a woman on Twitter who said that being gay is "a waste".
Gay rugby icon Gareth Thomas accepts apology for gay bashing: Gareth Thomas, the first openly gay international rugby player, was attacked in a homophobic hate crime over the weekend, but chose not to press charges.
PrideTV Highlight: Running on Empty Dreams: This new title from PrideTV, Africa’s only LGBTQI video-on-demand (VOD) streaming channel, deals with the somewhat unfortunate scenario of dreams that don’t - or won’t - deliver.
This gay painter has become the most expensive living artist in the world: David Hockney's painting of his ex-lover has just become the most expensive painting by a living artist ever sold.
DA launches LGBTIQ+ safe spaces project in KZN: The DA in KZN has launched a safe spaces project for LGBTIQ+ people in the province, involving councillors' offices.
Gauteng’s LGBTQ community loses two drag stars in one week: Gauteng’s LGBTQ community is in mourning over the loss of two drag stalwarts, Dame Crystal Chandelier (Wayne Desmond Kleynhans) and Cindy De La Vega (Steven Jacobs).
Tanzania loses millions of dollars in aid over gay witch-hunt: Denmark, said to be Tanzania's second biggest donor, is halting aid to the country in response to its anti-gay crackdown.
From Ramaphosa to Somizi: Here’s the Feather Awards 2018 roundup: The winners of the 10th annual Feather Awards, celebrating LGBTI allies, celebrities and activists, were announced on Thursday night in Johannesburg.