LITTLE CHILDREN: The illusion of happiness in American suburbia is examined once again in director Todd Field’s Little Children.
ERAGON: Dragons that can fly and breathe fire are cool - there’s no denying it. Eragon, a movie about dragons, unfortunately, manages to wreck something that should have been an obvious winner.
STORMBREAKER: Yet another children’s book franchise comes to the big screen. Sadly, it fails horribly where others – namely Harry Potter and those kids from Narnia – have done so well.
CASINO ROYALE: Agent 007 - as played by the very sexy Daniel Craig - is back in Casino Royale, the 21st film adaptation of Ian Fleming’s legendary spy series.
BEAT THE DRUM: In time for World Aids Day, Beat the Drum is a cautionary tale about HIV/AIDS in South Africa that tells us things we already know and talks down to its audience in the process.
BORAT: Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan manages to offend gays, Jews, Christians, Muslims and women. But is it actually funny?
BRICK: Take one part high school genre movie, a pinch of the crime thriller, combine a little femme fatale and a slice of self-loathing and what you have is a Brick of pure cinema joy.
THE GRUDGE 2: The release of The Grudge 2 officially ends the romance between the Japanese horror film and the Hollywood remake.
AMERICAN GUN: American Gun is a cautionary tale about guns and the people who are affected by their use in contemporary American society.
THE BLACK DAHLIA: Legendary film director Brian De Palma brings the true-life murder of 1940s actress Elizabeth Short to the big screen.
THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA: The magnificent Meryl Streep does yet another fantastic - possibly Oscar-worthy - job in her latest film, based on the bestselling novel.
WORLD TRADE CENTER: With World Trade Center, Oliver Stone chooses to not examine conspiracy theories about the September 11 terror attacks and, as a result, produces a truly emotional film.
CLICK: Click re-teams Adam Sandler and director Frank Coraci, who worked together on The Wedding Singer. Unfortunately, this time around they’re unable to recreate the same ‘magic’.
MY SUPER EX GIRLFRIEND: Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman returns to the big screen with an entertaining but riddled-with-flaws look at what would happen if you dated and broke-up with a superhero.
A PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION: The new film by legendary director Robert Altman takes an enjoyable - if somewhat stilted - look at the golden age of radio by making the most of a stellar cast of performers.
JOHN TUCKER MUST DIE: John Tucker Must Die may boast a near-naked Jesse Metcalfe but it’s neither as violent nor interesting as its name implies and instead retreads the High school teen comedy formula.
CONFETTI: Confetti magazine cordially invites you to watch three couples fight it out as they strive to win the coveted title of the ‘Most Original Wedding of the Year.’
UNITED 93: A brilliant yet unrelenting look at the events surrounding the hijacking of United Airlines Flight 93 on September 11.
THUMBSUCKER: Director Mike Mills presents us with a world where everyone is addicted to something and examines what happens these addictions are taken away.
THE LAKE HOUSE: Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves team up again - for the first time since 1994’s Speed - for a schmaltzy new film about love across time.