The Break-Up: In a case of art imitating life Jennifer Aniston stars alongside Vince Vaughn in a romantic comedy - of sorts.
SUPERMAN RETURNS: The man of steel makes his long awaited return to cinema screens. As Christo Oberholzer found out, a lot about him has changed but even more has stayed the same.
CARS: In their newest animated effort, the gurus at Pixar ask you to suspend your disbelief and identify with a world populated by talking, feeling cars.
TAKE THE LEAD: Much like last year’s Shall We Dance - which did great box-office in SA - Take the Lead hopes to woo its audience with an all-dancing leading man.
POSEIDON: Poseidon, with its watery theme and a capsized luxury cruise ship provides a series of over-blown and obvious set-pieces that are decidedly uninspired.
MATCH POINT: With a change in locale – from New York to London – Woody Allen produces a film that is decidedly darker and at times shocking when compared to his previous works.
FIND ME GUILTY: Action star Vin Diesel makes a career choice that’ll have you realising that there’s more to him than his usual popcorn flick persona.
PRETTY PERSUASION: This small art-house film received some negative reviews in the US. Christo Oberholzer, however, found it to be "disgustingly enjoyable".
X-MEN: THE LAST STAND: This messy, possibly final, instalment in the X-Men film franchise proves that three isn’t always the charm.
THE DA VINCI CODE: It’s the most hyped movie of the year, but can this Hollywood blockbuster live up to the expectations of the book’s fans?
THE HILLS HAVE EYES: With The Hills Have Eyes, eighties horror master Wes Craven revives his 1977 cult gore classic and repackages it for 2006.
MISSION IMPOSSIBLE III: Cruise is back! The Mission Impossible franchise gets a much needed kick in the bum from one of television's greatest innovators.
PRIME: In Prime, the issue of dating someone substantially older/younger is intelligently examined; at times replacing fantasy with a hard-edged reality.
RABBIT 0N THE MOON: Sadistic crooked cops pursue a couple innocent of the crime they’ve been accused of. If you like your films foreign and edgy then catch this tense brooding film from Mexico.
RENT: Give me Rocky Horror, Evita and even Grease - and I’m there. Rent, however, proves to be the most mind-numbing musical-film experience I’ve had in years.
FIREWALL: A big pay-cheque and predictability are sadly the order of the day with Harrison Ford’s new action blockbuster, Firewall.
NUMBER 10: Starring Colin Moss, Number 10 takes its cue from the great sports films that have come before it, but it fumbles and drops the ball … horribly.
PROOF: Proof may scare off the mathematically challenged because of its premise but, if you stick with it, it becomes something you won’t want to stop watching.
CAPOTE: It’s not the most discussed film of 2005 but, with a stellar performance from Philip Seymour Hoffman, Capote’s a film that deserves to be seen.
TRANSAMERICA: Oscar Nominated Felicity Huffman undergoes an amazing transformation to become Bree, a transsexual forced to deal with a son she didn’t know she had.