Pride TV Highlight: Finding Me Truth: PrideTV brings you Finding Me Truth – a romantic drama about a group of love- and sex-obsessed Jersey City friends
Review | Falling in love with Love, Simon:
Nick Robinson in Love, Simon
Coming out is a unique process for each one of us; both a deeply personal and a culturally-specific
Pride TV Highlight: Crush: Crush, a four-part anthology by director Michael J. Saul, is of all the movies thus far featured on PrideTV – one work that most
PrideTV Highlight: The One: The One, described as edgy and quick-witted, is a romantic comedy drama about a young, successful Manhattan investment banker
Kenya’s banned ‘Rafiki’ to close off Durban International Film Fest:
Director Wanuri Kahiu
Kenyan LGBT love story,
LGBT Movie, Love Simon, banned in India: India has banned the new American LGBT teen movie, Love Simon, on the day of its release. Gay Star News reported
PrideTV Highlight: Capital Games: We’re sure the romance drama Capital Games will go down particularly well with PrideTV viewers as it features a virtual
PrideTV Highlight: Leather: Chris Graham (as ‘Birch’) and Andrew Glaszek (as ‘Andrew’) are the two main protagonists in this movie about a young man living
PrideTV Highlight: The New Twenty: The New Twenty is a film that many of us can relate to. At least those of us who have already experienced the mixed emotions
PrideTV Highlight: Fairytale of Kathmandu: Fairytale of Kathmandu is an acclaimed and controversial documentary about Irish poet Cathal Ó Searcaigh
Review: Call Me By Your Name: At first glance you might suspect that Call Me By Your Name, nominated for the best picture Oscar, is another one of those pretentious
Pride TV Highlight: Cloudburst: A real love story that will make you laugh and cry, Cloudburst is an award winning lesbian film about the lengths a lesbian couple