Pride TV highlights SA born, USA bred Peter Ngqibs: South African born, USA bred Xhosa singer, songwriter, composer and organist Peter Ngqibs has
Pride TV Highlight: Finding Me Truth: PrideTV brings you Finding Me Truth – a romantic drama about a group of love- and sex-obsessed Jersey City friends
Pride TV Highlight: Crush: Crush, a four-part anthology by director Michael J. Saul, is of all the movies thus far featured on PrideTV – one work that most
PrideTV Highlight: The One: The One, described as edgy and quick-witted, is a romantic comedy drama about a young, successful Manhattan investment banker
PrideTV Highlight: Capital Games: We’re sure the romance drama Capital Games will go down particularly well with PrideTV viewers as it features a virtual
PrideTV Highlight: Leather: Chris Graham (as ‘Birch’) and Andrew Glaszek (as ‘Andrew’) are the two main protagonists in this movie about a young man living
PrideTV Highlight: The New Twenty: The New Twenty is a film that many of us can relate to. At least those of us who have already experienced the mixed emotions
PrideTV Highlight: Fairytale of Kathmandu: Fairytale of Kathmandu is an acclaimed and controversial documentary about Irish poet Cathal Ó Searcaigh
PrideTV Highlight: Elliot Loves: New York City’s Dominican-American community is the setting for Terracino’s Elliot Loves, that’s available for streaming
PrideTV Highlight: Sexual Tension: Volatile: Six Spanish-language short films have been packaged together as the Sexual Tension: Volatile series, now
PrideTV Highlight: Solo: The intriguing Solo (2013) centres on the instant connection shared by sensitive furniture designer Manuel (Patricio Ramos) and Julio
PrideTV Highlight: The Wise Kids: The Wise Kids is a drama film about a group of young members of a South Carolina Baptist church as they confront issues of homosexuality
PrideTV Highlight: Rock Haven: Is faith stronger than sexual attraction? Rock Haven is a drama that doesn’t shy away from the complex nature of sexuality
PrideTV Highlight: The Guest House: Welcome to The Guest House, and welcome to the guiltiest pleasure for lesbian movie lovers everywhere! Only on PrideTV.
PrideTV Highlight: Hot Guys with Guns: Two former lovers team up to solve a series of robberies targeting gay sex parties in Doug Spearman’s comic noir
PrideTV Highlight: Tru Love: Tru Love is an evocative lesbian love story about the intersecting lives of three women. Lesbian | Drama, Romance | Award Winning
PrideTV Highlight: Such Good People: What would you do if you found a horde of unclaimed cash in your dead neighbours’ house? Gay | Comedy | Award Winning
Pride TV Highlight: Tiger Orange: Two gay bothers have to learn about themselves and each other after the death of their homophobic father. Gay | Drama | Award
Pride TV Highlight: 52 Tuesdays: Gender identity and gender reassignment can be challenging topics at times, more so if the person transitioning is one of your
Pride TV Highlight: Latter Days: Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars in this heartthrob romance that’s guaranteed to leave you hot under the collar. Gay | Comedy,