Uganda: Gays to blame for drought


uganda_gays_to_blame_for_droughtA Muslim cleric has declared that God is punishing Uganda with a drought because of “sins” such as homosexuality.

Speaking at the Kibuli Mosque in Kampala on Monday, Sheikh Siliman Kasule Ndirangwa insisted that “moral decay” was at the heart of the country’s woes.

“Our society is engaged in homosexuality, corruption and fraud, among others that are the cause of our suffering,” he said, reported the Daily Monitor.

“Rain belongs to God. So as believers, we pray that God releases rain. But we have also to repent our sins,” Ndirangwa proclaimed.

Activist Kato Asadhu Kayongo, from the Out and Proud Diamond Group, told Gay Star News that the cleric should blame the lack of rain on rampant deforestation in Uganda, instead of homosexuality.

He accused the sheikh of “diverting Ugandans to hatred of innocent LGBTI Ugandans” and “using religion to spread homophobia”.

Gay sex is illegal in Uganda under colonial-era legislation, with penalties including life imprisonment.

Gays and lesbians are regularly used as scapegoats for disasters and hard times by religious leaders around the world.

Earlier this month, a Port Elizabeth pastor claimed the fires that recently devastated Cape Town were due to God’s fury at it being a “gay city.”

In August last year, Christian leaders in Liberia blamed homosexuality for the outbreak of the Ebola virus in the country.

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