PrideTV Hightlight: Mary Marie

As the title of this movie from PrideTV suggests, Mary Marie is a celebration of juxtapositions. Or, this streaming feast from Africa’s LGBTQI video-on-demand leader perfectly demonstrates that opposing attributes or positions, can, in fact, complement each other. And the result can be quite pleasing to all involved.

In this vein, this controversial romantic drama featuring Alexandra Roxo and Alan Kearns-Green in the leads, highlights sisterly love turning into forbidden intimacies. All this follows a mother’s passing as Marie and Mary retrace their lives back to the country house where they grew up.

As the sisters enjoy one last summer together, the heat and isolation of the countryside blossom and blur the girls’ growing physical and emotional intimacy. The arrival of the local handyman in the form of Peter, on the scene, adds additional layers to the story as he threatens to reveal the sisters’ secret.

Not only do we have this tricky subject matter, the storyline is compounded by Peter’s arrival as it unleashes a wave of jealously and betrayal. The result is a real delight, not just for the senses but for the intellect as well as the viewer is forced to deal with their own preconceptions across a host of sensitive subjects.

We especially love Mary Marie, not only for the clever title, but mostly because the lead actresses are heavily creatively and emotionally invested in the film. Alexandra Roxo is both director and lead actress and Alana Kearns-Green is co-writer and joint lead actress. The movie’s Producer is Rachel Earnest.

An interesting final factoid on this one is that Davy Jones from the band The Monkees provided the set house and housing for the crew on Mary Marie. And you thought it couldn’t get more involved!

Mary Marie can now immediately be streamed direct from Enjoy this ad-free feast from Africa’s LGBTQI VOD leader!

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