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Interested in PrEP? Don’t know what it is or what it’s about? Find out more about PURPOSE 2 – the injectable PrEP research study.

The Desmond Tutu Health Foundation is currently enrolling HIV negative men and transgender people who have sex with men in Cape Town and they want to talk to you!

Globally HIV transmission is still a serious health issue that needs attention from governments, health care providers, and our communities. There are general services, educational campaigns and programmes for all members of society. However, men and transgender people who have sex with men are particularly at risk of HIV infection.

This is a real problem because, as you know, you are often the people with the least access to prevention, care and treatment services because of stigma, discrimination and other social issues.

Clearly, special measures need to be put in place to offer you protection and one of these is more effective HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis options.

Currently, in South Africa, PrEP comes as a tablet that you take every day. This tablet contains anti-HIV drugs and is effective if no doses are missed. It can lower your risk of getting HIV infection by more than 90%. But are there more convenient PrEP options?

Study Context

PURPOSE 2 is a large-scale clinical trial to evaluate one such option with a new investigational PrEP drug. This study examines whether a long-acting form of the anti-HIV drug, injected once every six months under the skin, can safely protect people from HIV.

The study is taking place at several sites across the globe including in the United States, Brazil, Peru, and South Africa. In South Africa, one of the trial sites is the Desmond Tutu Health Foundation Groote Schuur Clinical Trials Unit in Observatory, Cape Town.

Taking Part

Are you 18 or older and a man or transgender woman or man who has receptive anal sex with men? Would you be interested in taking part in our study? Then please go to the Purpose 2 website here to get more info and see if this trial could work for you. If you think it can, please call or email us.

Cell: Amelia 060 821 8757
Email: contactus@hiv-research.org.za

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