Ellen says she’s not mean, just an introvert: An embattled Ellen DeGeneres has told her staff that she is an introvert and that this may result in some people thinking that she is mean.
Film | LGBTQ+ activists fight for gun control after Pulse massacre: Disarm Hate is a new documentary that seeks to create awareness about gun violence against the LGBTQ+ community following the 2016 Pulse Nightclub massacre in Orlando, Florida.
New Afrikaans YA novel breaks ground with first-ever lesbian main character: A newly released local young adult novel is breaking new ground by featuring a lesbian main character – a first for this genre in Afrikaans.
Beyoncé | 5 ways in which Queen Bey’s been the ultimate LGBTQI ally: Beyoncé is one of the LGBTQ community's most influential and adored divas. Here are five times Queen Bey's used her platform to show her support for our inclusion, equality and celebration.
5 LGBTQI series on Showmax to binge-watch this long weekend: Local online streaming service Showmax has a great range of LGBTQIA+ content available, and also offers a number of series focusing on queer stories.
Queer books: The Pink Line by Mark Gevisser (extract): The Pink Line by Mark Gevisser follows individuals from 9 countries to explore how “LGBT rights” became one of the world's new human rights frontiers.
Beefcakes still unable to open doors due to lockdown: Beefcakes, one of South Africa’s premier LGBTQ and bachelorette party venues has been unable to open its doors due to the strict lockdown rules imposed by the government.
Lasizwe defiant in face of Zimbabwe post homophobia: Lasizwe has stood firm on human rights, despite a homophobic backlash when he tweeted his support for Zimbabweans affected by the country's crisis.
Here are three hot new SA queer music releases: South African queer artists Toya Delazy, Yahto Kraft and Latheem have released new singles - and you can listen to them here!
Can Ellen DeGeneres survive growing scandal?: In just a few weeks, Ellen DeGeneres has gone from global LGBTIQ role model and hero to being tainted with accusations of meanness and allowing sexual harassment and workplace abuse under her watch.
Pose, Lil Nas X and Rafiki among GLAAD Media Award winners: Kenya's banned lesbian romance Rafiki was one of the winners in the 31st Annual GLAAD Media Awards, which recognises LGBTQ inclusion and representation.
Reality TV star Inno Matijane reveals struggle with depression: Gay South African reality TV star Inno Matijane has spoken out about battling with depression, especially after his mother died in December.
This Nigerian lesbian love story is set to shake up Nollywood: Ìfé, an upcoming lesbian film, is set break new ground when it comes to LGBTQ representation in Nigeria but it is likely to be banned by the country's homophobic censors.
Queer young adult fiction: Here are 5 uplifting books: Queer young adult fiction has traditionally been all about gloomy realism and heartbreak. To break the mould, here are 5 uplifting books full of hope and fun!
Hollywood boosts gay male visibility but fails on trans and racial diversity: LGBTQ representation in US film saw its highest ever recorded year, but racial diversity of LGBTQ characters, as well as the number of queer women characters dropped.
Lasizwe’s Covid videos will give you something to laugh about despite the pandemic: South Africans are known for their sense of humour in challenging times. For a laugh, here's a collection of YouTube star Lasizwe Dambuza's satirical pandemic videos.
Charlize Theron’s new action flick The Old Guard is queer movie magic: The new Netflix hit movie The Old Guard, co-produced by and starring Charlize Theron, is an action blockbuster that features a prominent gay couple.
Dancing for change: Meet trans ballet dancer Sophie Rebecca: UK ballet dancer Sophie Rebecca is making a powerful impact through her performances and activism as a proud transgender woman in the traditionally conservative ballet world.
Shock as Moshe Ndiki and Phelo Bala relationship mired in abuse claims: In a heartbreaking turn, one of South Africa’s most high profile gay couples – Moshe Ndiki and Phelo Bala – are embroiled in a legal battle centred on domestic abuse claims and it’s all being played out in the media.
Craig Lucas unveils his new heartbreaking ballad, Happy: The new single from out 'The Voice SA' winner Craig Lucas, is a pop ballad about the end of a relationship and wanting the best for the person you were with, even if that means not being together anymore.