GAY RUGBY FILM TO SHOOT IN SA: The much anticipated film about the life of Gareth Thomas, the first openly gay international rugby player, is set to be shot
LIRA CELEBRATES 1ST DECADE: South African songstress Lira will be celebrating her first decade in the music business with two shows at Carnival City in Johannesburg
‘GAY’ THOR POSTER USED IN CINEMA: Hilarious! A homoerotic fan-made poster for the new Thor movie has accidentally ended up being used by a
EMINEM SINGER FUNDS GAY CHARITY: Bisexual singer Sia, who has collaborated with controversial rapper Eminem, will donate proceeds from their song to the Los
HUNK’S HOT LOCKER ROOM TWERK: Twerking is not just for super butt-talented women, as proven by an American college baseball player who shakes his booty
SAMUEL L. JACKSON FOR GAY ROLE?: After appearing in more than 100 movies, Samuel L. Jackson may be going where he’s never gone before and playing a gay
WATCH: KIDS REACT TO GAY MARRIAGE: A wildly entertaining and revealing video showing children’s responses to gay marriage proposals has gone viral. The
CHILD STAR NOW GAY GO-GO BOY: A child star from one of America’s most beloved family sitcoms is now making a living as a sexy go-go boy at gay nightclubs.
ANTI-GAY AUTHOR’S FILM NO 1: Despite calls for a boycott of the blockbuster Ender’s Game, the sci-fi film topped the US box-office chart over
GAGA INSISTS SHE’S BISEXUAL: Pop star Lady Gaga has refuted criticism that she’s claimed to be bisexual as a marketing ploy to sell records to the
TWIN STARS’ HALLOWEEN DRAG: Sexy twin actors Max and Charlie Carver, best known for their roles in Desperate Housewives, have dressed in horror drag for Halloween.
IS THERE MORE AB FAB TO COME?: Absolutely Fabulous creator and star Jennifer Saunders has revealed that there may be more Ab Fab goodness to come. In an interview
MEET MEN WITHOUT HATS: Canadian 80s pop sensation Men Without Hats are the headline performers at this weekend’s Mieliepop festival in Mpumalanga. Music
GAGA PERFORMS AT GAY CLUB: Gay clubbers at London’s G-A-Y nightclub were surprised by an unannounced – and as usual outrageous – performance
TOM HARDY TO PLAY ELTON JOHN: It’s been confirmed that sexy English actor Tom hardy will be playing Elton John in the gay music legend’s highly 
GAY BIG BANG STAR’S ACT OF LOVE: Emmy-winning Big Bang Theory actor Jim Parsons has publicly spoken about his relationship with long-time partner,
JARED LETO ON TRANS ROLE: American actor and singer Jared Leto has spoken about the challenges of his role as a transgender woman in the upcoming film Dallas Buyers
WATCH SOLI PHILANDER’S ‘US’: The much loved comedian and entertainer Soli Philander was the guest speaker at the opening night of the
ALL THE JOBURG PRIDE INFO: More details about this Saturday’s Johannesburg Pride in Sandton, which will include a march, have been released by the organisers.
CLINT’S HUNKY SON FOR “50 SHADES”?: There’s Hollywood casting buzz that silver screen legend Clint Eastwood’s gorgeous son is a contender