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Pastor Bougardt spews anti-gay hate at Steven Anderson’s church (watch): South Africa's most infamous homophobic pastor, Oscar Bougardt, has delivered a shocking hate-mongering sermon, filled with abusive anti-gay slurs, at Steven Anderson's church in Arizona.
Rejected same-sex couple take Beloftebos to the Equality Court: The engaged same-sex couple turned away by the Beloftebos wedding venue, are going to the courts to fight for their right to equality and dignity.
Phuti Lekoloane, SA’s 1st gay male footballer, takes on homophobia in sport: Phuti Lekoloane, South Africa's first openly gay male professional soccer player, has launched a desperately-needed new initiative to tackle homophobia in football.
New Jersey bans gay and trans panic defence: Using a person's sexuality or gender identity as an excuse in a murder trial - known as the gay or trans panic defence - will no longer be allowed in New Jersey.
Mr Gay World South Africa crowning event cancelled: The organisers of Mr Gay World South Africa have announced that the grand finale ceremony that was to take place later this month will no longer go ahead.
Isabel dos Santos’ gay brother speaks out about corruption scandal: Coréon Dú, the gay brother of Africa's richest woman, Isabel dos Santos, has addressed the international corruption scandal swirling around his sister.
All loved up: Moshe Ndiki and Phelo Bala celebrate anniversary: Celebrity couple Moshe Ndiki and Phelo Bala are sharing their love for each other online as they mark their first year as a couple.
Beloftebos homophobia row goes global as venue shuts down Facebook page: The furore surrounding the Beloftebos wedding venue's refusal to allow same-sex couples shows no signs of abating and is now making international headlines.
Beloftebos Wedding Venue: Heterosexism and Colonial Christianity: In the wake of the religious homophobia that led the Beloftebos wedding venue to reject a same-sex couple, author Siya Khumalo looks at the roots of toxic Christianity.
Cape Town court affirms rights of same-sex parents: The Cape Town High Court has allowed two women to be named as the same-sex parents of a child who's planned to be conceived through IVF.
Imam who “unknowingly” married man now charged with homosexuality: A Muslim cleric in Uganda who claims to have unwittingly married a man he thought was a woman now faces life in prison on charges of having gay sex.
Stanford wedding venue Beloftebos still won’t host same-sex weddings: Beloftebos, in the Western Cape, continues to defy the law and constitution and has again humiliated another same-sex couple by refusing to host their wedding.
Edwin Cameron to receive social justice award: South African LGBTQ+ icon Edwin Cameron will be honoured with the Inaugural Isibindi Award for Champions of Social Justice, Equality and Dignity in Africa.
Shaping perceptions: Queer representation in Afrikaans media: While many queer Afrikaners still struggle with their identity and acceptance, Afrikaans films and TV shows are increasingly depicting authentic LGBTQ experiences.
Teen expelled from school over rainbow birthday cake: An American teenager has been thrown out of her Christian school simply for celebrating her birthday with a rainbow cake while wearing a rainbow top.
Ugandan imam suspended for “unknowingly marrying a man”: A Muslim cleric in Uganda has been suspended because he got married to a man who he thought was a woman.
Gay serial rapist case sparks LGBT crackdown in Indonesia: The conviction of Reynhard Sinaga for a spate of serial rapes of men in the UK is being used to justify a clampdown on LGBT people in Indonesia.
Brazil’s Supreme Court overturns gay Jesus film ban: In a victory for freedom of expression, Brazil's Supreme Court has reversed a lower court ruling banning a parody film that includes a gay Jesus.
ANC Women’s League launches LGBTIQ desk: The ANC Women's League (ANCWL) has created an LGBTIQ Desk to champion the needs and rights of the LGBTIQ community but membership is limited to women.
Trevor Noah, Kanarie and Rafiki among nominees for GLAAD media awards: Trevor Noah, South Africa's Kanarie and Kenya's Rafiki, along with movies like Judy and Rocketman, are among the diverse nominees for the 31st GLAAD Media Awards.