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Doctor sparks fury over tweet about homophobe’s suicide: A colossal Twitter furore has erupted after a medical doctor said he was unrepentant about 'causing' the suicide of a homophobe.
Old Mutual scraps MacG sponsorship over transphobic comments: Old Mutual has acted swiftly by ending its sponsorship of MacG after his podcast included deeply transphobic comments that outraged queer social media.
Victory for equality – Biden dumps Trump’s trans military ban: President Joe Biden has reversed former President Trump's arbitrary and discriminatory ban on transgender personnel serving in the US military.
Nigerian politician’s son defiantly comes out as gay: Bolu Okupe, the son of a former Nigerian presidential advisor, has come out as gay on social media, much to the dismay of his religious dad.
Biden moves to undo Trump’s anti-LGBTQ policies: President Joe Biden has acted swiftly to start reversing Donald Trump's devastating four-year onslaught against America's LGBTQ community.
In historic move Biden selects transgender doctor for senior health post: President Joe Biden has picked an accomplished transgender doctor, Rachel Levine, to be his assistant secretary of health.
Ralph Lauren dumps top golfer Justin Thomas over homophobic slur: Fashion label Ralph Lauren drops Justin Thomas, the world's 3rd highest ranked golfer, as a brand ambassador after he used an anti-gay slur.
Lesbian couple fight sperm donor over parental rights: In a landmark case, a Johannesburg lesbian couple have been forced to go to court after the sperm donor of their child claimed parental rights.
Woman faces jail for threatening to bomb LGBTQ-affirming Catholic school: An American woman has pleaded guilty to a hate crime after threatening to blow up a Catholic school for supporting same-sex marriages.
Did Lasizwe go off Twitter over body shaming trolls?: Social media and reality TV star Lasizwe Dambuza has deactivated his Twitter account after he was body-shamed for sharing a picture of his behind.
Boy George honours SA LGBTQ+ activist Beverley Ditsie: Iconic South African LGBTQ+ activist Beverley Ditsie is the inspiration behind pop legend Boy George's new song, Rainbow in the Dark.
Here are 7 positive LGBTQ highlights from 2020: While it’s easy to only associate 2020 with Covid-19 and a spate of hate crimes, here are some of the year’s most positive LGBTQ highlights.
Jon Qwelane will be remembered for his hate: Despite his credentials as an anti-apartheid journalist, the legacy of Jon Qwelane, who passed away on Thursday, will be remembered as one of unapologetic homophobia.
Paying tribute to pioneering Kenyan queer artist, Kawira Mwirichia: The LGBTQI+ community in Kenya is mourning the death of one of its most noteworthy members, the artist and curator, Kawira Mwirichia.
Elon Musk slammed for ‘transphobic’ pronoun tweet: An LGBTQ rights group has called on South African-born billionaire Elon Musk to apologise for his "insensitive" mocking of people who highlight their pronouns on social media.
Netflorist’s ‘gay’ Harold not offensive enough, rules ad regulator: Love him or hate him, the camp-sounding Harold in the Netflorist radio ads has been given the thumbs up by the advertising regulator.
Turkey | 19 face jail for taking part in LGBTI Pride march: The shocking trial of 19 individuals who could be jailed for three years simply for participating in a peaceful LGBTI Pride march has been postponed in Turkey.
Kingdom of Bhutan votes to legalise homosexuality: Lawmakers in Bhutan, a kingdom on the slopes of the Himalayas, have passed legislation to finally decriminalise homosexuality, leaving 66 nations still in the dark ages.
Botswana | Banana Club dialogue tackles trans visibility: The recent 5th Banana Club dialogue, held in collaboration with the European Union, looked at "Trans & Gender Diverse Visibility" in Botswana.
Same-sex couple slam SAHRC over Beloftebos delays: The same-sex couple turned away by Beloftebos in January warn that delays by the SAHRC may put the case against the venue at risk.