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Home Affairs failing trans and gender-diverse South Africans during lockdown: The lives and livelihoods of many transgender and gender-diverse individuals are at risk because Home Affairs has deemed vital gender-affirming services not "essential" during the lockdown.
Young gay men’s health care needs not being met: Young gay men who are uncomfortable discussing sexual issues with their health care providers are less likely to seek coordinated care, leading to missed opportunities for early diagnosis of chronic and mental health issues.
Ellen says she’s not mean, just an introvert: An embattled Ellen DeGeneres has told her staff that she is an introvert and that this may result in some people thinking that she is mean.
Will SAPS finally release LGBTIQ hate crimes stats?: South African Police Commissioner Khehla Sithole has indicated that the SAPS is committed to releasing crime statistics that specifies LGBTIQ hate crimes. But are these even being recorded?
Fears of LGBTQ repression as Shanghai Pride is cancelled: The organisers of Shanghai Pride have unexpectedly announced that the event is suspending its work after 11 years, fueling concerns of a growing crackdown against LGBTQ people in China.
New Dutch Reformed Church outrage over same-sex unions: Some members of the Dutch Reformed Church are furious because it has received permission from the minister of Home Affairs to solemnise same-sex unions.
Eswatini LGBTIQ group erects billboard calling for equality: An LGBTIQ group in Eswatini has made a bold move by erecting a pro-LGBTIQ rights billboard in the capital city, Mbabane, despite same-sex relationships being illegal.
Grief and celebration as Kirvan Fortuin’s tombstone unveiled on his birthday: Kirvan Fortuin, the late queer dancer and activist, should have been celebrating his birthday on Monday. Instead, Fortuin's family and friends met to unveil his tombstone.
Poland | MPs stage rainbow protest against president’s homophobia: As anti-LGBTQ sentiment grows in Poland, a group of MPs dressed in the rainbow colours at the swearing-in ceremony of rightwing President Andrzej Duda.
Former WWE wrestler claims he killed a gay man: In an apparent murder confession, former WWE star Marty Jannetty has claimed that he killed a gay man as a teenager almost 50 years ago.
Tunisia | Court upholds jail sentence for homosexuality: Defying international law, an appeals court in Tunisia has upheld an earlier judgment sending two men to prison for homosexuality.
Lasizwe defiant in face of Zimbabwe post homophobia: Lasizwe has stood firm on human rights, despite a homophobic backlash when he tweeted his support for Zimbabweans affected by the country's crisis.
Top Cape Town boys’ school mired in discrimination claims: SACS, a leading school in Cape Town, has been accused of allowing an environment conducive to homophobia and racism.
How queer culture flourished a century ago: While the march to LGBTQIA+ equality has been a slow one, we often forget that there have been eras in which queer culture was surprisingly vibrant.
Can Ellen DeGeneres survive growing scandal?: In just a few weeks, Ellen DeGeneres has gone from global LGBTIQ role model and hero to being tainted with accusations of meanness and allowing sexual harassment and workplace abuse under her watch.
Pride of Africa calls for submissions from LGBTQ+ organisations: Pride of Africa is requesting LGBTQ+ organisations to come forward for an initiative that aims to showcase their work and experiences. The plan is to highlight these NPOs and NGOs in an online platform.
LGBTQ people subjected to “monstrous” sexual violence in Syria conflict: Traumatised LGBTQ survivors have spoken out about the horrific sexual violence they endured during the civil war in Syria.
Seychelles woman files case at UN Human Rights Commission in gender identity case: A Seychellois has filed a case with the UN Human Rights Committee claiming that the lack of legal recognition of gender identity in Seychelles has breached her right to be recognised as a person under the law.
This Nigerian lesbian love story is set to shake up Nollywood: Ìfé, an upcoming lesbian film, is set break new ground when it comes to LGBTQ representation in Nigeria but it is likely to be banned by the country's homophobic censors.
Madness! 10 months in jail for supporting LGBTQ equality: A blogger has been sent to jail in Saudi Arabia simply for posting a video supporting human rights for all, including LGBTQ equality, reports Human Rights Watch.