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UNITED 93: A brilliant yet unrelenting look at the events surrounding the hijacking of United Airlines Flight 93 on September 11.
THUMBSUCKER: Director Mike Mills presents us with a world where everyone is addicted to something and examines what happens these addictions are taken away.
THE LAKE HOUSE: Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves team up again - for the first time since 1994’s Speed - for a schmaltzy new film about love across time.
The Break-Up: In a case of art imitating life Jennifer Aniston stars alongside Vince Vaughn in a romantic comedy - of sorts.
SUPERMAN RETURNS: The man of steel makes his long awaited return to cinema screens. As Christo Oberholzer found out, a lot about him has changed but even more has stayed the same.
CARS: In their newest animated effort, the gurus at Pixar ask you to suspend your disbelief and identify with a world populated by talking, feeling cars.
TAKE THE LEAD: Much like last year’s Shall We Dance - which did great box-office in SA - Take the Lead hopes to woo its audience with an all-dancing leading man.
POSEIDON: Poseidon, with its watery theme and a capsized luxury cruise ship provides a series of over-blown and obvious set-pieces that are decidedly uninspired.
MATCH POINT: With a change in locale – from New York to London – Woody Allen produces a film that is decidedly darker and at times shocking when compared to his previous works.
FIND ME GUILTY: Action star Vin Diesel makes a career choice that’ll have you realising that there’s more to him than his usual popcorn flick persona.