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Eight out and proud male gay footballers: Out male gay footballers are still a rarity today. Here are eight of some of the most well-known out-and-proud soccer players.
When celeb allies sell out the queer community: Some LGBTI+ fans are angry and bemused at David Beckham’s decision to take 150 million pounds from Qatar to be the face of the country.
Inside Andy Warhol’s Diaries: Thirty-three years after The Andy Warhol Diaries were published, they've become the source for a riveting six-part Netflix documentary series.
Queer men’s health: Touching yourself could save your life: Breast cancer and testicular cancer are both conditions that can affect men. So, now might be the perfect time to feel yourself up!
Coming out of the mental health closet: October is not only Pride Month, it's also Mental Health Awareness Month. It's a good time to come out of the mental health closet.
Two men and a baby: Having a child through surrogacy in South Africa: Same-sex couples have legal access to surrogacy in South Africa but the process is regulated by the law and the courts. Here's what's involved.
Gay Bath House Culture – Is it still a thing?: Today’s equivalent of the gay bath house experience seems to have migrated from steamy saunas to steamy sex ordered via Grindr and other apps.
Dimakatso Mokwena – Author of Here Comes the Gay King: Dimakatso Mokwena is the author of the new South African queer novel, Here Comes the Gay King. We sat down with him to find out more about his work.
Frank Malaba: Artist, Activist, Alchemist: MambaOnline recently caught up with Zimbabwean actor, Frank Malaba, about his one man show and his LGBTQ activism.