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The yoga teacher creating queer safe spaces in Botswana: Drake Selwe found peace and clarity during the pandemic, inspiring him to start transforming Botswana’s queer spaces through living his passion: yoga.
Meet Melino Carl, Botswana’s first out trans woman model: Melino Carl, Botswana’s first out and proud trans model, is taking the runway by storm with her confidence and smouldering looks.
Orville Peck: SA’s queer masked country crooner: He's no one-trick pony! We take a look at Orville Peck, the South African-born proudly gay masked country sensation kicking up a storm in the US.
New biopic touches on Whitney Houston’s sexuality: The recently released film, I Wanna Dance With Somebody, highlights the life of Whitney Houston, including the iconic singer’s bisexuality.
How sides are turning the sexual position binary on its head: Forget tops and bottoms, sides is a new term for gay and bisexual men who don’t enjoy anal sex and prefer other forms of male to male intimacy.
Lesbians you should know about: Mary Renault: Beloved by a generation of gay men for her queer novels, Mary Renault was a complex character who defied the conservativism of the 1950s.
Christmas with the family: a queer survival guide: When the festive season arrives, so does the accompanying stress and anxiety of family events. How do you make it through while staying sane?
Helping parents embrace their queer children: PFSAQ endeavours to bring support, understanding and compassion to parents and family members of queer individuals.
Elise Bishop’s Two Lives: Elise Bishop was one of the first transgender South Africans to go public about their gender affirmation surgery.
Welcome Mandla Lishivha on Boy on the Run: “Our stories matter”: Queer author Welcome Lishivha provides a uniquely South African insight into the mind of an African gay man in his memoir, Boy on the Run.