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MOSCOW TO BAN ‘PROMOTION OF HOMOSEXUALITY’: The authorities in Moscow are proposing to introduce a bill that will outlaw the “promotion of homosexuality”.
GREEK GAY YOUTH TO STAGE VALENTINE KISS-IN: Greek youngsters are getting fed up that a male-female kiss in public is accepted in society but a same-sex kiss is not.
AUSTRIAN POST ISSUES GAY PARADE STAMP: Austrian Post will be making philatelic history when it releases a postage stamp commemorating the 15th Rainbow Parade in Vienna in July.
JAMAICA STAGES FIRST PUBLIC GAY PRIDE: A gay Pride march has been held for the first time in Jamaica; described as the most homophobic country in the world.
RUSSIA REFUSES TO REGISTER GAY MARRIAGE GROUP: The Russian Ministry of Justice has turned down an application by gay and lesbian activists to register a group campaigning for same-sex marriage rights.
MUSCOVITES FIGHT TO SAVE GAY CLUB: The Moscow gay community is fighting to prevent the closure of the oldest and most popular gay club in the Russian capital.
EUROPE CONDEMNS UGANDAN PARLIAMENTARIANS: Ugandan parliamentarians have been condemned by members of the European Parliament for attending an anti-gay conference.
WORLD CONGRESS AGAINST HOMOPHOBIA: A world congress against homophobia is set to be held in Paris in May, reports UK Gay News.
NO GAYS IN NIGERIA: Nigeria’s Minister for Foreign Affairs has denied the existence of a gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community in the country.
IRANIAN WOMAN WINS BATTLE TO STAY IN UK: Pegah Emambakhsh, the gay Iranian woman who nearly deported from the UK in 2007, can now stay in the UK, it was revealed last night.