Kiss and makeup: the fierce queers styling up the internet: Makeup is not just a women’s game these days. As binary gender roles blur and fall, it’s the queers, including men, who are taking charge online.
LGBTQ rights – An indication that Africa does not take the African Charter seriously: Same-sex practices carry penalties of fines and imprisonment in more than a dozen African countries, in clear violation of the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights, writes Gerbrandt van Heerden.
Everybody’s fave! Meet the multi-talented DJ Olwee: Olwethu Mlotshwa goes by the name 'Ms Party' on Twitter and in his bio he describes himself as "DJ, TV director, gay and One Big Festival". Many of us, however, know him as DJ Olwee.
LGBTI activist denied asylum in SA because he has to “prove” he’s gay: Despite being a well known pan-African LGBTI+ activist and facing death threats, the South African government does not believe that Kenyan George Barasa qualifies for asylum.
Knysna gym owner named Mr Gay World South Africa: Meet the 42-year-old gym owner who's just been named South Africa's delegate at the upcoming Mr Gay World 2019 contest in Cape Town.
Men’s swimwear gallery: Hey sailor!: Male model Alberto García Cabrera celebrates the life of a Mediterranean seaman in a sensual new men's swimwear photoshoot for Modus Vivendi.
Elections 2019 | What the top political parties promise on LGBTIQ rights: Cast your 'pink vote' wisely! Ahead of the 8 May elections, here is a guide to what the election manifestos of five of the top political parties in South Africa say about LGBTIQ+ equality.
Opinion | Should we have straight friends?: My childhood best friend and I broke up when I was 20. We broke up, silently, because I discovered that - even though she ‘loved me as a person’ - she didn’t like the fact that I am gay.
Getting naked: Armand Aucamp on coming out the closet: Hunky South African actor Armand Aucamp recently came out as a gay man. In an interview with MambaOnline, he opened up about his sexuality, living in the closet and coming to terms with his true self.
Opinion | Why court ruled against Dutch Reformed Church in same-sex marriage case: Pierre De Vos writes on why the High Court ruled against the Dutch Reformed Church in a same-sex marriage case and what it may mean for other churches.
So is gaydar a real thing?: We’ve all been there. You’re wandering the mall, when your eye catches theirs and you just kind of know that they must be queer. So how real is what we call, ‘gaydar’?
Confronting tradition and masculinity in heels – Bongani Njalo: Artist Bongani Njalo performed his provocative piece Abafana Abafani ('boys are not the same') in Port Elizabeth last month. We spoke to him about homophobia, masculinity and the censoring of the film Inxeba.
WQMD – a new web series about coming out the closet: Coming out the “closet” is different for everyone. WQMD - We’re Queer My Dear - is a new online series launching in April 2019 and premiering on MambaOnline, that aims to help you live your best queer life.
The law is failing the South African LGBTIAQ+ community: A recent judgement allowed a Durban man to avoid jail time after killing a man who allegedly made sexual advances on him. So how is the law supposed to protect the queer community?
Here are the top queer South African celebrities and entertainers: Local LGBTQ celebs are increasingly open about their identity, but it wasn't always so. Here's our list of the top past and present queer South African celebrities and entertainers.
Cape Town Pride 2019 Gallery 2: Our pictorial coverage of Cape Town Pride 2019 continues with our second gallery of images of the annual parade and mardi gras on Saturday 2 March.
Cape Town Pride 2019 Gallery 1: Thousands took part in the annual Cape Town Pride 2019 parade and mardi gras on Saturday 2 March.
Phumlani Kango: Flying the flag for the PrEP generation: With more than 20,000 followers, writer and content creator Phumlani Kango is using social media as a platform to promote the use of PrEP to men who have sex with men (MSM) in South Africa.
Meet Gyre, the rapper driving a queer hip hop revolution: Gyre is a cutting-edge queer rapper who’s challenging the status quo while adding new depth and diversity to the local hip-hop scene.
Do it like they do on the Discovery Channel: homosexuality in nature: The argument that homosexual behaviour is an unnatural sex act is a denouncement that is popular among many opponents of same-sex marriage and LGBTQ rights.  So how common is homosexuality in nature?