A lesbian couple has accused a prominent Johannesburg Christian school of homophobia, claiming that the school’s principal refused admission to their young son.

In an interview with Joburg’s Radio 702 Nicola Moggee said that she and her partner Bruna were called into a meeting at Trinity House College, a private school in Randburg, by the principal, weeks after their child was enrolled.

According to Moggee, the Principal, Dr Staples, asked if they were lesbian, and upon this being confirmed, suggested that their son would not be welcome at the school, as homosexuality is unchristian.

However, according to Dr Staples, in a follow-up interview with the radio station, he had not refused admission to the child, but merely sought to advise the parents that the boy might encounter uncomfortable situations at the school because of their relationship. He added that he believed that homosexuality was sinful.

He confirmed that he was nevertheless happy to have the couple’s son at Trinity House College and said that it was the parents who chose to pull him from the school.

Moggee said that she and her partner are consulting the South African Human Rights Commission and a constitutional lawyer, and may puruse the matter further.

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