A 24 year old man was beaten to death in South London on Saturday; a murder which police describe as a homophobic attack.

Jody Dobrowski, a bar manager, had been visiting a friend’s house before he was attacked. Police found him in the early house of the morning, unconscious from severe head, neck and facial injuries. He later died in hospital.

According to police, other people in the area heard homophobic insults at the time of the attack. Two suspects are being sought. The authorities have appealed for a witness, who called police after the attack, to come forward.

Up to 12 people are thought to have been in the area – Clapham Common – at the time of the assault. The gay community has also been asked to help catch the killers.

The victim’s family issued a statement, which said: “A beautiful and fine young man has been taken from us and the people who did this will never understand the horror they have inflicted on his family and hundreds of friends. We need to ensure that as a civilised society we make sure this doesn’t happen again.”

There have been a number of other recent homophobic attacks in the vicinity. A man was assaulted on the common by three men earlier this month, while another man was nearly strangled in September.

London is generally considered to be one of the most gay-friendly cities in the world.

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