Rian van Heerden, the South African presenter of television’s Idols spinoff, Office Idols, and the Kyknet show Voorblad, has come out in an emotional outburst and revealed that he is gay.

The popular presenter came clean in a letter to Rapport newspaper in response to a recent statement from the NG Kerk about the sinful nature of homosexuality.

In the letter he wrote angrily:

“I, Rian van Heerden, am also gay… I am the presenter of Voorblad, if you were wondering. So what!”

In the letter he called for others to follow his cue and come out of the closet.

“Who wants to live a fake life and with the fear of being found out? Who would want to go through life so terribly lonely?” he wrote.

In a subsequent interview with Rapport, van Heerden said that he wants to tell the world; “Here is a gay man. This is what a gay guy looks like. This is how a gay guy functions. I’m not less manly. There’s nothing sinister about me”.

Van Heerden, who turns 32 this week, added that he felt it was a good time to come out the closet. The days of loneliness and secrecy were now over he said.

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