What does Vodafone live! offer you? Well you can download pictures (from wallpapers to screensavers to picture messaging), ringtones and full music tracks (on 3G enabled phones), get the latest games (from old school to 3D), all the latest sports fixtures and results, Video Call your friends (take the “Blind” out of “Blind Date”) and even watch live TV!

Vodafone live! is similar to browsing the internet on your cellphone. You can view different pages designed specifically for Vodafone live! cellphones, download unique content and get updates and alerts sent directly to your cellphone.

Browsing Vodafone live! means looking at different screens on Vodafone live! (window shopping) and discovering the many exciting features and best local and international content available. On Vodafone live! you’ll always be notified before incurring a charge.

Just follow these simple steps to get the world of Vodafone live!:

  1. Visit
  2. Get yourself a Vodafone live! cellphone. Choose from the latest cellphones available and visit a participating Vodacom outlet.
  3. As soon as you switch on your cellphone, press the live! button and enter the Vodafone live! World.

Yes, it’s that easy! Vodafone live! is available to both Contract and Prepaid customers. There are no settings to be configured, no numbers to call, just one-touch access to a whole world of content and services. And remember browsing the Vodafone live! portal is completely free!

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Vodafone live! Is a whole world on your cellphone! And best of all, you can browse it for free! You only pay for what you want! Fantastic!

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