A new U.S. state Department report on human rights around the world has highlighted the mistreatment of GLBT people on the basis of their sexual orientation in a number of countries.

The report has led to activists calling on the U.S. government to impose sanctions on those nations – some of which are American allies. Released last week, the document looks back on 2005 and is an annual study by the State Department of international human rights abuses.

African countries, including Uganda and Nigeria, have come under fire for criminalising homosexuality. Poland has been noted for banning gay pride parades and Jamaica for the murders of AIDS activists. The arrest of people in the United Arab Emirates and Nepal because of their sexual conduct is also highlighted. Other notable abusers named in the report include Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Cameroon and India.

It is thought that the detailed inclusion of GLBT-related abuses in this year’s report may assist victims who seek asylum in the US. The report is primarily issued to help the U.S. determine funding to other countries. It is not known however, if and how the abuses documented will affect funding to the countries named.

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