A new survey in the UK claims that 3% of lesbians and gay men hope to adopt children in the next five years.

The research also reveals that more than 1 in 5 lesbians and 1 in 10 gay men are already parents. A further 5 percent of gay men intend to father a child themselves, and 18 percent of lesbians plan to have children by giving birth.

The results came from an ‘Out Now Diva and Gay Times Readers Surveys’, with a sample size of 1,118 respondents.

“This is the first time these issues have been measured in the UK,” says Ian Johnson, managing director of Out Now Consulting – a specialist gay marketing consultancy that undertook the research.

Official UK government figures put the total number of gay and lesbian people in the UK at 6 percent of the total adult population, or around 3 million people.

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