Zimdaily reports that a gay activist has gone into hiding after threatening to expose six allegedly gay Zimbabwean ministers.

According to the Zimdaily website, the country’s intelligence agency has launched a manhunt to track down Dumisani Dube. This after the gay activist told the website a week ago that he had an affair with Stan Mudenge a cabinet minister he claims infected him with HIV.

Dube – a former member of activist group Gays And Lesbians of Zimbabwe (GALZ) – has apparently gone into hiding, telling the website that the article in which he made the revelations about Mudenge could lead to his arrest by the authorities.

He said that plainclothes members of the intelligence agency were harassing him.
“I am not saying that you exposed me or anything like that. But I feel my life is in danger now,” he told Zimadaily.

He has also threatened to reveal the names of cabinet ministers, members of the ruling party and priests, who he says are gay, if he is not left alone.

“I know several government ministers, including priests and top ZANU PF officials who are gay. In fact I know about six ministers and former ministers who are gay. Some of them have slept with my friends,” he is quoted as saying.

Dube is said to have been recently fired by GALZ as its publications manager because of apparently recklessly infecting other men with HIV.

Robert Mugabe has made clear his distaste for gays and lesbians in numerous public speeches, describing them as worse than “dogs or pigs”.

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