A Nigerian woman has denied that she is a lesbian or that she married four women following recent sensational local newspaper reports of her “mass” lesbian wedding.

According to the local press, 45 year old Aunty Maiduguri was said to have married four other women in the northern Muslim state of Kano in a ceremony attended by 2000 people. The event was also said to have been followed by days of feasting and celebration.

The reports created a sensation in the conservative country, especially in the states that operate under Sharia Muslim law, which outlaws homosexuality.

Aunty Maiduguri however has insisted that the story is entirely fabricated, and that she’s not even a lesbian.

She told the BBC that, “It’s a lie, it’s unbelievable. I have never in my life seen where a lady can marry four ladies at one time… I have never practised – never heard the word ‘lesbian’ – truly.”

According to Maiduguri, the misunderstanding came about after she held an event to raise money for the weddings of four other women who are to marry men.

Nigeria’s parliament was set to pass new national legislation outlawing almost all expressions of homosexuality, but the process has been stalled by the country’s recent, now-disputed elections.

It is not know if a new government will choose to pursue making the proposed bill law.

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