The notorious Juan Uys, thought to be the man behind the discredited Gay and Lesbian Alliance (GLA) and a number of other controversial undertakings, including the sensational ‘gay rent boy blog’, has been arrested.

According to various media outlets, the early Saturday morning arrest was confirmed by police and took place at Uys’s mother’s home in Kroonstad, in the Free State.

The elusive Uys, who is believed to have used a number of aliases over the years and has rarely been photographed, has long been a reviled figure among the gay community because of his claims to represent LGBT people through the GLA. While he insisted that the organisation had hundreds of thousands of members across the country, it is widely believed that the GLA consisted of one member – himself.

In 2003, he briefly changed the name of the organisation to the Death Penalty Party, attempting to run in the national elections under this guise, before returning to using the GLA moniker.

Through the organisation, and under the alias of David Baxter, he was thought to be behind the “Gay Blood Wars” media frenzy – a result of the media publishing his wildly controversial statements and claims with any verification. When the GLA was finally publicly discredited, Uys fell silent.

It is believed that he then re-appeared as the man behind the SA Crime Expo website, under the alias of Neil Watson. The site received much publicity both for its efforts to warn off tourists from visiting South Africa as well as its alleged attempts to source money from the public through an SMS scam. When Uys’s role came to light, he again disappeared and the site was shut down.

In May this year, it was claimed that he was also behind the scandalous ‘gay rent boy blog’, under the alias of Skye, which sought to ‘out’ and, in detail, describe the sexual peccadilloes of a number of South African celebrities and public figures.

Faced with threats of legal action and growing suspicion that Uys was involved in the blog, the site shut down and the mysterious Skye disappeared.

According to police, Uys’s arrest was apparently made on the basis of a charge of “fraud and forgery” unrelated to any of the widely publicised furores associated with him.

Uys has also previously been accused of being involved in child pornography and running a massage parlour. It is not yet known when he will appear in court.

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