The University of Johannesburg is looking for 14 HIV positive AND 14 HIV negative men to participate in a laboratory research study.

According to the researchers, all that will be required of volunteers is for them to donate a small sample of blood (9ml) on two separate occasions. These blood samples will then be analysed in the laboratory.

The results of the study will help the researchers better understand certain changes in the immune system that occur in HIV that increases HIV replication and may at the same time point to possible interventions.

“This project presents you with an opportunity to get involved in the ongoing fight against HIV by helping researchers learn more so that we can help more,” said the University.

The study has received ethical clearance from the University of Johannesburg Ethics Committee. All information related to the participants (both HIV positive and HIV negative) will be kept strictly confidential and under lock and key.

Participants’ names and other personal information will not be disclosed and participants will be referred to by way of special codes in order to ensure anonymity. If participants wish to know the outcome of the study, they will be given this information at the end of the project.

The researchers are now recruiting participants for the study and would like to make arrangements with volunteers to collect the first blood samples on either 30 or 31 October.

This means that anyone interested in taking part should contact the researchers before 26 October in order to participate. Second blood samples will be collected from the same people on 5 or 6 November.

Please contact Cornelia Botha (on 082-8807298 or cornelia@iburst.co.za) as soon as possible if you would like to volunteer or for more information about the study.

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