A 47-year-old French father-of-two has sued a medicine distributor, claiming that its drugs turned him into a thief, a gambler and a compulsive gay sex fiend.

Didier Jambart has claimed €400,000 in damages after he began to change, apparently as a result of using drugs intended to help him with Parkinson’s disease.

He says that, as a result, he ran up gambling debts of €130,000 and even stole from family and friends.

Jambart also claims that the dopamine agonist drugs he used initiated homosexual urges and led him to seek out casual sex through Internet sites. He attempted suicide three times during this period.

When his medication was changed by doctors, Jambart’s symptoms apparently disappeared.

Dopamine agonists are used in a number of drugs prescribed for people living with Parkinson’s. There have been numerous claims that the drugs have made significant behaviour changes among people who have used them.

Lawyers around the world are said to watching the outcome of the case closely.

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