Fundamentalist Christians in the US are planning to force Microsoft to change its pro-gay policies through a shareholder revolt.

AGN Financial, a corporation set up by Christian leaders, is headed up by Rev. Ken Hutcherson (left), a pastor who has long promoted homophobia through so-called “family values”

The group’s “Buy Three, Donate One” campaign which launched this week is described in a statement as “a global effort to put moral accountability back into corporations.” The scheme asks investors to buy three Microsoft shares and donate one to AGN.

AGN hopes to in this way build up enough shares in Microsoft to have a voice at the company’s annual general meetings and thus be able to force the company to change its policies.

“We are not trying to hurt Microsoft or their shareholders nor are we calling for a boycott of their products or services. We are trying to help them,” said Hutcherson in a statement.

AGN said that it believes that Microsoft Shareholders would be better served if Microsoft re-examined its “giving policies and explored more worthy causes that are designed to help people in real need.”

Microsoft has previously supported certain pro-gay legislation and is a strong proponent of ensuring benefits for LGBT employees and their families.

“The AGN website will keep people apprised of the progress and news of this campaign of Biblical proportions. All existing and potential Microsoft shareholders can visit the site prior to regular voting windows to see what AGN recommendations are backed by Biblical scriptures… This is an opportunity for Microsoft to focus on their products and shareholders and their core business rather than trying to destroy Judaea-Christian values,” said the statement.

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