The Independent Complaints Directorate (ICD) will investigate claims that a woman was repeatedly raped after she was placed in a men’s cell because she looked like a “tomboy”.

According to reports, 19-year-old Monica Kanyane has claimed that she was raped by four male detainees at Transvaal Road Police Station in Kimberley after she was put in a holding cell with the men.

It’s been claimed that her screams were ignored by police during her alleged three hour long ordeal.

“I was crying. The men took turns. At about 06:00 the police arrived and I told them what had happened. I had to make a statement and was taken to the Kimberley hospital,” Kanyane told the Volksblad newspaper. She was also given counselling.

She was detained on August 24 for drunkenness. According to Kanyane the policemen who picked her up accused her of being a “Tomboy”.

The ICD, which is charged with investigating misconduct by the police, said that their investigation would not deal with the alleged rapists, who were civilians, but would look at why Kanyane was locked up with male prisoners.

“The ICD will investigate a possible case of negligence or improper performance of duties by police officials, who placed a female detainee in a cell with male detainees. Our main concern will be to establish how this came about,” it said in a statement.

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